Is My Recently Passed Sons Spirit With Me Every Day? FCR172

is my recently passed sons spirit with me every day

Do You Sense The Spirits Of Loved Ones Around You?

J in Plainvire, US asks the question: “Is my recently passed sons spirit with me every day?

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In this free card reading response the individual wants to know if his son’s spirit is with him. Basically the question is about the possibility of spirits of loved ones around you.  The answeris my recently passed sons spirit with me every day is yes. They do visit. So how can the dead communicate with the living and vice versa? The means to receiving messages from the dead loved ones is not all that difficult. Communicating with dead loved ones can be done personally or with a clairvoyant, a medium who will intervene on your behalf. Sometimes you can experience deceased loved ones visiting in dreams. This is not unusual. We are all spirit at our core. This who we truly are. Pure consciousness! When we sleep our spirit is not confines to our bodies. It can travel the astral plane. So can the pure spirits of the deceased. They too can travel the same plane as we do however they do it with more understanding and intent. This is one of the ways of how to contact a loved one who has passed away. We must connect with our spirit in or order to connect with a spirit.

Our listener wants to know “is my recently passed sons spirit with me every day?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Do You Suffer From The Loss of A  Child?

“Hello!  I have a question from Jay in the United States and she writes: my three-year-old son and she says his name which begins with B recently passed away. We’re really sorry for your loss Jay. And she wants to know; is his spirit with me every day. The card that came up is this one which is about spiritual communication (the card is displayed on the screen). Of course if B was still alive then he could talk to you with his voice and he could move his body and communicate that way. But of course because he isn’t in his body anymore he can’t communicate through that way. There are ways that he can communicate.

On one level the card is talking about, yes, he’s with you and he’s communicating with you. If you allow yourself to be quiet and turn within you may be able to pick up these subtler forms of communication .let me take a look and see what else we can tell you to be of help. I want to say yes he is with you and he knows that you are reaching out to him and a couple of messages are coming up really strongly.

One of them is that if he’d continued to be alive like any three-year-old he would be out there in investigating the world and exploring new things. Discovering things that he is excited about and finding new projects or toys that he loves, playing with them every day. even though he’s past that hasn’t stopped because what he’s showing me is, he’s showing me, that this whole other arena of possibilities has opened up to him. He has this massive landscape of opportunities for him to explore which are in front of him. He is really excited about this. He’s really excited about moving forward and continuing to grow. It seems important to him that you know that he’s continuing to grow. That you he doesn’t want you to think that he just stopped where he was and that was the end of it…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You Will Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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