Is My Love Life Going To Be Better? FCR146

is my love life going to be better

When Will I Find Love?

J in Katowice, Poland asks the question: ‘Hello! Is my love life going to be better, more interesting soon?’

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I receive many requests in these free card readings about relationship prediction. I receive is my love life going to be betterquestions like “will I meet my soulmate, will I find love this year and what will my love life be like.” These are all very sincere questions from people who are yearning to know about their future love. The issue is a love life prediction is not really possible. You control your present and even your future. If you want a relationship you can have one. I know that sounds way too simple but that is how easy it is. If I or another Intuitive Reader tells you your future, no matter what he or she says about your love life future,

You actually give up control and still, it may not come to be. The best thing to receive, in a reading, is what you need to do today for yourself and to yourself energy wise in order to attract that special life partner. Once you change your energy to a positive attraction your future love life will most definitely improve.

Our reader wants to know “Is my love life going to be better ?“Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Fearing Living A Loveless Existence!

“I have a question from J in Poland; is my love life going to get better and more interesting soon. All right! Let’s share the screen and let’s address your question in the best way that we can which is not going to be a future time prediction. It’s going to be a look at the energy as it exists in present time. Whether it is conducive to attracting what you want. So how do I deliver this information? You know I’m seeing that there is something that’s getting in your way of this. It looks like there is an energy that does not want this to happen for you. That energy is invading your space and possibly even invading the space of others who might be interested in getting close to you.

So I’m seeing that for you to attract what you want the first thing is about owning your own space. Owning your own space and dealing with the energy. It’s a pastime energy. It’s a male energy from the past that is interfering here. It could be an ex-boyfriend but it also could be a father figure. Either an overprotective father or father figure that you have had a difficult relationship with. Possibly somebody who is no longer alive as well and so I would say that, of course, you can. We never desire something that it’s not possible for us to create so of course you can create love in your life. Sometimes there are some steps we go through in order to help that. I’m seeing at the moment that you’re not an attraction point. For if we’re the kind of person that allows other people to beat up on us energetically basically you attract what you the energy…”Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You Will Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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