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is it okay to earn money from healing
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Do I Deserve To Be Financially Successful As A Healer?

E in Ireland asks the question: ‘Is it okay to earn money from healing?’

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You can hear the answer I give for this particular question in the video however let me add the following. This question is close to my heart having chosen an energy healing career over a scientific one. How to become a successful energy healer and what are the best careers for lightworkers? Most of the people who choose this journey ask these questions of themselves. As for is it okay to earn money from healingthe best career question is easy, choose what you spirit tells you. Now the challenge of how to become a spiritual healer faces you. That part is simple. Find a teacher! As far as how to become successful that is another story. First you must define ‘success’ for yourself. Is it the accumulation of money or is it helping other souls on the path of life with you?

There is a difference between starting a spiritual healing business and make a living as an energy healer. Most of the healers I have met are great spiritual beings but terrible business people. The reason, I think, is that they have forgotten that money is a form of energy. Yes money is energy!  It is no different than any other energy you work with. Your money energy flow needs to be matched by your energy vibration in order to attract it. There goes that four lettered word again, responsibility. You are directly responsible for removing money blocks. This the secret to how to make money as a healer. You Can Find More Responses To Questions Here!

A listener is wondering about “is it okay to earn money from healing?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

If You Are Afraid Success And Money It Won’t Come!

“I have a question from E in Ireland; dear  Lesley is it okay to earn money from healing? What a great question! Thank you for asking that question! That’s a wonderful question. You know there are a lot of people who work in the healing arts who have difficulty manifesting. there’s a lot of beliefs out there that say that people with gifts such as these should be doing it for free . Let’s look at that through a different lens. What is money? Money is energy. You know what if all you did was give your energy give your energy give your energy and didn’t receive anything in return you would be out of balance. You would not be able to be a healer any more .

Okay so it’s  very important that people have they’re giving and receiving in balance, especially if you are someone who spends their life helping other people. It is so very easy for people to get unbalanced on their giving and their receiving. So let’s take a look at you specifically. My answer would be yes it is okay; in fact it’s necessary for you to stay healthy yourself. Let’s take a look. Well that’s interesting. Your energy is looking pretty muddy and a little bit diffused. Let me see if I can figure out what that’s got to do with you. Give me a moment to look at this. you  I’m seeing that you’re carrying a really big wound which is I guess at the core of this question . Do you know it looks like one of the things that you’re asking even though you didn’t ask it is it okay to heal myself? Is it okay to heal myself? Is it okay for me to receive? yes receive in general not just money. Receive healing myself to give to myself? It looks like you have, in your life, experienced some self-worth stuff coming up. It looks like maybe a childhood where you were not nurtured…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue.

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