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S in Perham, US  asks the question: ‘How will I be able to finally have financial freedom?’

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‘I have a question from S in the United States, how will I be able to have financial freedom. The card that comes up is this one. Kind of looks like what you’re afterhow will i be able to finally have financial freedom in financial freedom is on the beach with a martini under an umbrella. Alright let’s take a look at this for you. so will I be able to have financial freedom. Well the answer is not by trying hard. it look you’re looking a little bit exhausted. looking a little bit like you’re trying hard and that’s not how we create as spirit. we create as spirit without effort. It looks like you’re approaching it from your from your body so the body is trying to create financial freedom by doing and by intellectualizing and through logic. By spotting things and acting on them. whereas to have financial freedom, by creating as spirit, it is different and.

It involves you kicking back. relax let go of the doing and instead focus on being so you could create. You could do a little bit about around creating financial freedom while you’re lying on the beach because you could go into a meditative state and visualize what it would be like to have financial freedom. What it would feel like feel it to your very bones. Be in the vibration of it and ask the universe to supply it. Be in the receptive state for receiving it. I’m seeing you’re not in the receptive state for receiving it actually because you’re so doing. You’re not receiving at all. You’re quite unbalanced actually on the giving and receiving…’ There is much more in the video reading.

One listener is wondering if I can answer”how will I be able to finally have financial freedom?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Are You Looking a Better Life!

Whether you are looking to know how to attract more money, financial freedom, or maybe to attract love into your life the whole procedure is identical. You are truly a money magnet. The way this is done is to use the Secret Law of Attraction will enable you and everyone to create an actual, physical manifestation of you are looking for. It is all quite simple. You set a clear and exact intention and then just sit back. Allow the Universe to do the hard work and produce it for you. The Universe wants you to have as much as you want. It is all exists already.

All you need to do is put in the request. It must be done in the right way of course. Once the intention is set stand back and allow it to happen. One thing there should be a strong understanding of exactly what you really desire. This is key! Also when you ask make the request a positive statement. This is imperative. If a negative is used, the Universe will eliminate all the words like no and not from your request. So that you least desire, more of the same, will come flowing to you. For instance if you say I do not want to struggle financially; the Universe hears “I do want to struggle financially.” Guess what happens?  I want more money does not necessarily equal I want financial freedom. You need to understand the subtle differences of what you want. Being unclear will change the outcome you desire. There are a few more steps and I cover these in other podcasts.


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