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how to find your purpose in life
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Do You Know Why You Really Are Here?

Someone asks the question: “ How to find your purpose in life? ”

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Do you live your life with a purpose? You, like most people, are always looking for something in life. You can be searching for happiness, wealth or love just to name a few. What is it that you are really searching for? I am going to go out on a limb and say fulfilment. The sense of fulfilment comes when you are aligned with your beliefs, with your desires and especially with your passion. Another term for this is finding your purpose. Fulfilment and purpose go hand in hand. Life has no meaning when there is no meaning to life. So do you know how to find your purpose in life? Many people don’t. They are lost in their own lives not having a clue which way they are going or even why they are going the way they are. Basically, an aimless life is like a sailboat with its sails fully unfurled.

There is a great wind blowing that could take you anywhere you wish to go. However, you do not have your rudder in the water. You are being blown where the wind takes you. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes this works out for the best. Mostly though it doesn’t! People find themselves in dead-end jobs, unhappy relationships or living a lifestyle that is just unsatisfying. Find your purpose and you will understand what to do in life and when you go after it with real intent it will bring you inner peace.

A voyage is not always about reaching the destination it is also about the journey itself. Your life journey is exactly like that. It is not about achieving perfection and everything you want. There will always be more to want. When you think about it the ultimate goal, the journey’s end well is the end of this particular journey called life. So take each day each moment and enjoy it. Do you want to flounder around aimlessly like that sailboat or do you want to find your purpose and passion in life and practice them each moment? In this answer to a free card reading question, I explain this in more detail. Listen!

A listener wants to know “how to find your purpose in life?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Do You Fear Living Your Purpose?

“Hello! One of the most common questions that I’m asked relates to why am I here, what is my purpose, basically how to find your purpose in life. In fact of all questions that get sent in, and to date I’ve received thousands of questions, they are some version of what is my purpose. I can’t answer all of those questions individually unfortunately although I do try my best. I thought what would be a really great idea would be to create a video and give you my perspective on life purpose. It’s my personal belief that we as human beings as awakening human beings, we have three different purposes at least three or four actually.

The first one is enlightenment. It’s the common purpose of all humanity of all humankind. To me, enlightenment is consciously waking up and becoming the conscious creator of your life. It is about learning to become conscious operators of spirit through the physical body which is a journey that involves transcending the ego, becoming senior to all the body levels such as the emotions, such as the thought processes. So that the light of your consciousness shines brightly through you and allows you to consciously create a spirit in the physical world. That’s life purpose number one. So if you’re wondering what is my purpose then for sure that is one of them. To be someone who shines their light in the world, who anchors light in on this planet who helps raise the vibrational frequency of our world.

Of course that path to enlightenment, to awakening, is the process of you enlightening yourself. Of you raising your own vibrational frequency as you heal yourself, as you step-by-step reveal yourself and become and know yourself. Become more consciously aware of who you are. Now when most people ask the question what is my life purpose what they’re asking is what’s unique about me. What’s special about me? What is the unique contribution that I can make to mankind? what is the thing that I can be doing where I would feel happy and fulfilled and at peace? of course there is nobody else in this world like you. Of course, therefore, there is a unique matchless contribution that you are here to contribute to the symphony of souls. Now you are a spark of divine consciousness.

You are you’re an aspect of God and as such you are eternal. You are eternally creative. You have enormous creative potential within you and you have unique gifts that you bring and are meant to share and that is meant to shine through you this lifetime. Now some of the things that you might want to create could be your career, could be a business, and could be helping others in some way, creating abundance through meaningful work. So how do you identify what that unique contribution is?

Well, there’s a couple of ways that can get you started. One is what are you truly passionate about? what lights you up? what excites you? what do you feel enthusiastic about? if you could put aside all of the cultural programming that tells you what you should want to do, if you can put aside all of the key influences in your life who have a particular way of seeing you and an expectation of what you might do, if you could put all of that aside, if you didn’t have to think about money or any of the usual things that concern us in our human life what would it be that you were the most passionate about. Because therein lies a big clue a big clue that this is the unique contribution that you came to make. It lies in that spark of passion. You know interestingly enough…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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