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June 30, 2018

How Do I Get Over Feeling Stuck In Life? FCR219

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Are You Just Pretending To Be Happy?

K in Highlands, USA asks the question: “ how do I get over feeling stuck in my life?”

Dr.Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Life and Career

Many people come to me because they feel stuck in their lives. The issue is not really the stuck part. It is however how they feel at that time. They aren’t fulfilled and in turn not happy. So how do you get unstuck? How do you find happiness? Do you wake up one morning and take a happy pill with your daily vitamins. I wish it was that easy for some people. But it seems to be a real challenge for some. They just do not know how to find happiness in life. So where does happiness come from?

I will tell you how to find joy in life, the magic secret answer to one of the ultimate life questions. The first and most important of the secret keys to happiness is learning how to let go of the past as well as the concern about the future. Live solely in the present. The things happy people do differently is they enjoy each minute. They do not dwell on things they have no real control over. Inner happiness comes from within. It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Will it work you may ask? What happens if you try it and it fails?

I can hear you questioning it because I actually do hear it from people who seek me out for exactly this issue. They are looking for the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. Those are the questions are the thoughts that keep from being in the now. Being happy is not actually the issue. The search for it is. You will never ‘find’ happiness. But you can easily be happy by being simply ‘being’ happy. In a free card question response for this individual, I answer this exact question. Listen in.

Our listener wants to know “how do I get over feeling stuck in my life?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Do You Fear Making A Wrong Decision?

“I have a question from K in the United States Highlands and she’s feeling stuck in her personal and professional life and would like some insight. The card that came up (the card is displayed on the screen) is Being Still in know yourself. Oh, it looks like it’s not fulfilling to you, this work that you’re doing. It’s not fulfilling some higher needs that you have. It almost looks like you’re doing it automatically. You know I don’t know what you do but I’m just seeing images of just sitting at a desk and you’re pushing a pen. A pen pusher like we say. It just looks like it’s like you’re almost on semi-automatic or robotic or on the hamster wheel with it. That, you know, your true self is off to the side.

Your passion is off to the side. It’s not being channeled through this work. The card here relates to turning with it and getting reconnected with that higher aspect of yourself so that you can tap right back into your passion, what you want, and as the first step in this unsticking of yourself. You’ve disassociated yourself with your own higher needs and desires and passion. So step number one is getting back in alignment and connects with that. The best way I know how to do that is through meditation…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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