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August 8, 2018

How Can I Heal My Skin Rashes? FCR246

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Are You Totally Exasperated?

S. in Fremont asks the question: How can I heal my skin rashes?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Health

So you have an itchy skin rash that has appeared and you do not know what it is. You have tried various home remedies for skin rashes and itching with no success. You have heard that people use coconut oil for irritated skin or vitamin E but it hasn’t worked. You can also get a prescription from a medical practitioner for medicine for skin rashes and itching but you do not want to go that route because these are usually hormone-based. So what do you do?

First of all, many different types of rashes are caused by different things. A very common one is a stress rash. Even though these usually disappear quickly they are still unsightly and can cause some alarm initially. One thing that I have discovered there is usually a spiritual, nonphysical, reason for rashes. So treating a rash with worldly remedies usually doesn’t resolve the base issue. Some of the issues that can arise are blockages in your energy force. In this free card reading response, a solution is given for relief. Listen in and you may find it will help you as well.

A listener asks “how can I heal my skin rashes?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid It Won’t Go Away?

“I’ve got a question from S in Freemont in California in the US; I have been having skin rashes since February and I have seen five different specialists and nothing seems to work. It’s affecting my life tremendously. Will I be able to heal from this? Thank you for that question S. Let’s take a look. Of course, you can heal from this. You can heal from anything. You know the way the path to healing. All healing is self-healing and ultimately all healing is about you the high vibration spiritual consciousness taking charge of your reality. Your body is part of your reality. It is your creation. Sometimes we just look outside of ourselves and give our power away to others to tell us what’s going on. To experiment on us for a Cure when they don’t really understand what’s going on.

I’m seeing that you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong intellectually. What you could do is tune in intuitively, energetically, spiritually. If you did that then what you would see is some stuck energy which you could shift very easily. You could start to shift very easily through meditation you can find on my website a free grounding meditation. You can Google it. I suggest you listen to that and practice it because that grounding meditation starts to put you back in charge of this. You can release the stuck energy down your grounding.

Now let’s take a look at these rashes… I would have questions for you in terms of a bit more information. Sometimes what rashes are due to these blocks in the energy flow, especially the energy flow up the spine, a cut in the Kundalini channel. If there’s a block there and that energy builds up then it can cause a reaction in the physical body like a rash. So we need to go in and unblock that energy channel so that energy can flow smoothly and not be diverted all over the place… You know when women are at a certain time of life for example at menopause their Kundalini turns on naturally.

That’s one of the things that’s happening in hot flashes. Your Kundalini energy is turning on. But if there are blocks in the channel then you’ll get heat rashes for example. I’m looking to see if there’s anything else that we would say to you I’m going to go and roll back to February when it started and …”Watch the video, How Can I Heal My Skin Rashes, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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