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February 25, 2018

Free Card Reading To Answer Your Questions!

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Free Card Reading Draw By Dr. Lesley Phillips!

Please note… The free card reading has been replaced with a 1/2 hour free psychic reading on a bi-weekly basis.

Are You Looking For Answers To Life’s Tough Questions???
Have You Run Out Of Answers And Need Some Sage Advice???
Are You Tired Of Trying To Figure It Alone???

Get Your free reading from Dr. Lesley and finally obtain some clarity…

Get A Free Psychic Reading Here

Get Your Free Reading Submission Here

Dr. Lesley receives an incredible amount of requests for a free card reading every week and cannot keep up with the requests. So now, instead of a 2 or 3 minute recorded reading, Dr. Lesley is giving away a 30-minute Live free psychic reading bi-weekly to one lucky individual. It is not just like those automated card response programs found online that throw a card back at you with a predetermined scripted message. It is a live reading with her personally. A program cannot give you an accurate card reading with any intuitive insight. Those really can’t be considered a true physic reading. When you ask your question and are selected, Dr. Lesley will actually have a 1/2 hour reading with you. This free psychic reading will cover any of the following areas:free psychic reading

  • Past Life– Explore previous lives that relate to your current life, and that can help you make sense of your current beliefs and experiences. This can provide you with healing and transformation that can help you get clearer about your current life path and purpose.
  • Aura– Your Aura Reading provides a snapshot of your present state of being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as beliefs that hinder your life progression. It explains why you are creating your current life circumstances and helps you move forward.
  • Life Purpose– Are you struggling in life, wondering if you are on the right path or even why you are here this lifetime? You feel there is more you are meant to do but cannot discover what it is?
    Receive a clear vision of your soul’s purpose for your life.
  • Clarity Reading– A clarity reading provides the space for you to probe deeply with your questions. Access your higher wisdom about relationships, career, health, finances, or choose to talk with spirit guides, angels, unborn children, or deceased loved ones. (ask up to five questions)

These are the four main areas of interest from most people who come to Dr. Lesley for her help. However, you are not limited to these topics. You can choose any type of session like a chakra reading or clearing, a medical intuitive session, or anything else within reason. The only thing that is off-limits is an entity clearing and the reason being that this reading can take much longer than the allotted time.

You can also book any full reading, and the 1/2 hour will be credited to it.

Dr. Lesley offers answers to your innermost questions in her free reading gift for you. To receive the best results from these readings, you always want to ask your question in a present time tense as she will not tell the future for you. It would be nice to have the future perfectly laid out for you and take all the questions away. However, that would take all the experiences away as well. The future is something that YOU CREATE. It is your responsibility. You can visit this podcast, You Create Your Reality, All On Your Own!, and find out exactly why. If a psychic or tarot card reader tells you the future, they can end up controlling your life. By the way, this is not a free tarot card reading or a free angel card reading. Dr. Lesley uses her own CARD DECK.

Hear From Dr. Lesley Herself…

If you would like to see some of her card reading responses, you can actually see them on the website at Free Card Readings by Dr. Lelsey, where she has hundreds of answered questions. If you enjoyed any of the Free Card Reading Response Videos, you could submit an entry for a bi-weekly draw for your own free 1/2 hour psychic reading. OR… If you want to have Dr. Lesley give you a live reading free, you can call during her award-winning radio show, Unlocking Your Truth.


Get Your Free Reading Submission Here

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Unlocking Your Truth is my weekly radio show where we discuss all things metaphysical and do readings live on air! And much more! The show airs on CIVL 101.7 FM at 7-8 PM (Pacific Time) every Tuesday evening or live-stream the show at CIVL.ca. During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes, we also answer email questions from our listeners (click here to submit a question) as well as occasionally do readings live on air for our call-in guests. you can join the show live on our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/288011298447383 or Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/LesleyPhillips and ask your questions on any topic.

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Dr Lesley

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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