Do You See A Biological Child Or Children In My Future? FCR085

do you see a biological child or children in my future

A Listener Asks About Her Parental Future

A from Arlington in the United States asks the question: ‘Do you see a biological child or children in my future?’

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading On Having A Baby

Lots of people ask me the question, will you predict my future? I cannot do that is explain in my reading. Knowing do you see a biological child or children in my futurethe future may sound wonderful but it can have its drawbacks. I do understand the anxiety about this topic however. People, women especially, are prone to seeing visions of future child even dream of unborn children. This can be burdensome to the emotional body. dreaming of a child you don’t have may be anything from a personal future prediction to a deep parental yearning that needs to be fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of a future child as long as it doesn’t become an obsession that affects you negatively. In my reading for A I discuss these things and more.

The Desire to Have Children May Be Very  Overwhelming!

“Well I have a question from A who lives in Arlington in the United States. Do you see a biological child or children in my future? Well thanks for that question A and let me share my screen and show you what card came up in response to your question. The card that came up in response to your question is Kundalini which might not make immediate sense. Actually it’s behind me there. It might not make me discuss it with you until you understand what is Kundalini. Kundalini is a spiritualizing force. It’s an energy that transforms and spiritualizes and raises the frequency. It is an energy that is very much involved in the transitions of life including conception getting pregnant and giving birth. So I would say this is a really cool card to get in response to your question now of course you are asking a future time question and I always caution and say that the future does not exist.

Only the only thing that exists is present time right here right now from our perspective. The future is really a probability matrix however in the case of somebody who wants to have a child sometimes I’m able to look in present time if there are any other souls who are gathered around you with the intention of joining you in this crib, in this creation of being mother and child. So let’s take a look and see if we get anything about that. What I want to say to you is of course anything is possible so this is not outside the realm of possibility but I am seeing that there is some healing work that you may want to put your attention to. One of them is just that there is, it looks like, some pain around this subject. I don’t know whether you’ve already had some medical exploration about this and being given some information by the doctors but it looks like to me like there is a painful belief that says this is not possible for me…”

One listener is wondering if I can answer ” Do you see a biological child or children in my future?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.


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