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June 30, 2018

Do We Have A Future Together? FCRG223

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How Do You Know That Love Interest Is The One?

Someone asks the question: “ Do we have a future together?”

Dr.Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Relationships

If you are single and have a set of normal desires and needs you are probably searching for that one searching for true love, what some would call a soul mate. Again if you are in this position you may be having some issues around doing so. Regardless of where you are or who you are you would like to know how to find true love and happiness. So let’s look at how to find a relationship, how to find love. Whether you are searching in the real world or online the system of finding that someone special is the same.

It is all about energy. Your energetic vibration to be exact! For those of you who have visited more of my podcasts or posts on my website, you have probably noticed a theme. The theme is a personal responsibility. We create our own reality. We are responsible for the outcome of events or non-outcome in each of our lives. The same holds for relationships. We attract the same vibration we put out there. A friend, Cheri Huber a Buddhist monk and author, has written a book on relationships. The title of the book is ‘Be The Person You Want To Find’. That says it all.

This is true not only in the search for love but in every aspect of your life. If you want more happiness in your life, be happier. If you want to be more physically fit get out there and be more physical and the fit part will come. By the way, as much as we may want it things do not always happen instantaneously. Notice I stated ‘not always’ because it can and does happen on the occasion. I will caution you on one thing. Be honest about who you are especially when in search of love. You can fool the Universe or at least think you are fooling the Universe by being this wonderful representation of what you feel someone will be attracted to. It may work for a time but sooner or later your vibration will go back to its original honest state. Then all of a sudden the relationship sours. Love flies out the window.

Now on the other side of that coin, because we live in a duality based existence, the opposite may happen. You may just permanently accept those changes you made and, bonus, you not only found love but you picked up some wonderful new characteristic traits as well. Again, bonus! Creating your reality is all about this type of experience. Beliefs lead to emotions. Emotions lied to thought. Thoughts lead to actions. And actions lead to results in real-time. Intentions turn into manifestations right before your eyes. It is called The Law Of Attraction. I speak about this in other podcasts and posts as well but for now, I have answered a free card reading question, ‘ do we have a future together’, about this very topic. Listen in!

A listener wants to know “do we have a future together?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Do You Fear Loneliness?

“Hello! A very common question that people ask, and I get more than a few a month, is somewhat like this. They are related questions where you want to know do we have a future together. It can be that there’s somebody that you fancy, that you’re attracted to and you want to know will we get together, or it can be that you’re already in a relationship and you doubt if things can continue. You want to know will we break up. You want to know will they be faithful, will they divorce me. Will we get engaged? Will we get married? Do we have a future together? So sometimes you’re asking me well here’s this particular person. This is their name and this is their birth date. This is my name and this is my birth date and you know based on that information is it a certainty that we are going to get together or not. Of course, if you’ve watched many of my videos then you will know that I believe you create your own reality.

I also believe that you cannot create the reality of another person. You can create your own reality and so if you want to attract a loving supportive relationship then be a loving supportive partner to yourself. Be the vibration of a loving supportive partner and relationship within yourself and then you are an attraction point for that. Whether the part of the person that you are with or wondering about or the person that you are attracted to and are wondering about is a good match for that, then that will make it more likely for you to manifest that. If they’re not a good match for that then it really doesn’t matter because the universe will deliver somebody who is a good match for it.

Now the other thing I want to say about this is that sometimes people are asking the question because they are feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in some way and expect that if they were to have a relationship that that would solve all of their problems. That suddenly that would be like a salver or a magic wand in your life. That one thing would make everything good and of course, that’s not true. You bring yourself into the relationship.

If you’re not happy then it’s something inside you. Nothing outside of you can change it. Only you can change it. So search within yourself and look at what you find. Do I love myself? Do I support myself? What kind of future do I have given what energy signature I’m carrying within me? If you find some things that are unloving or unsupportive then you can use meditation to make a shift. When people ask me these type of relationship questions what I usually do is instead of trying to predict your future, which I can’t do as I’ve explained the future is a probability field really and it depends on your choices and the other person’s choices and your energy and the other person’s energy whether you end up coming together in the future, what I do is I look at the energy in present time.

I look at your energy in the present time and I look at the other person’s energy in the present time. I look at the relationship between those two energies to get a feel for the level of affinity. To get a feel for what you might be an attraction point for. How the relationship could play out. For example in terms of if both of you are a match on a particular level like you both feel…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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