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August 8, 2018

Are They Okay On The Other Side? FCRG272

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Is Your Day To Day A Drudgery?

Someone has asked the question: Are they okay on the other side?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: From The Great Beyond

So someone you care for very much has passed over to the other side. You miss them. Sometimes it is that you have been left on your own. Just to be able to communicate with deceased loved ones one more time. When people who you care about have gone on vacation to some far of land it is so reassuring when you receive some form of contact with them just to know they are okay. Death can be a scary concept after all the big question with many is, “Is there life after death“?

The same holds with someone deceased. Wouldn’t some signs from a deceased loved one to let you know it is all good be wonderful? So are there to contact a loved one who has passed away? There are. One way is seeing loved ones after death in dreams. But the most popular is to see a reputable Psychic medium who can communicate with them on your behalf. Being able to contact dead loved ones sounds like a great idea however if you are doing it for their sake it is a waste of worry. They are perfectly fine. In this response to a free card reading question, some sage advice and information are passed along from Spirit’s side. Listen in and it may soothe your worried heart.

Many of you have asked, “are they okay on the other side?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid To Be Alone?

“Hello! Thank you for sending in your question. I often get questions from people who want to know “how is my loved one who’s passed away”. Are they alright? whether it is a family member a friend or even a pet that you were very close to and loved or a child I thought it would be a useful thing for me to do a little bit of a general talk about my perspective on that question from my perspective the answer is always yes. Yes, they are okay on the other side. I’ll explain why. When we ask that question we’re asking it from our perspective as a human in a physical human body on planet Earth, in three-dimensional reality. It is a reality where there is duality. There is free will. There is time and there is space. So we have these life journeys and we make these choices. We get ourselves into all sorts of ups and downs and pickles and challenges. Sometimes we create pain.

Sometimes we create difficulties, fear, anxieties, depressions, deep dark places that we go to as part of the life journey. It’s all part of the journey that we have to expand our consciousness. Oftentimes before somebody is going to pass away there in they can be in a period of pain. So once they’ve gone some time we are relieved because they’re out of the pain. We also want to know are okay? They are okay because they are no longer in the world, in the physical world, where it’s possible to feel those feelings. They’ve released themselves from that three-dimensional state.

They have released themselves from those circumstances that were uncomfortable or unpleasant or painful. They’ve released themselves from their physical body. So when we pass on we enter a different state completely than when we’re in the body. We’re outside of time and space. There’s no time. There’s no space. There’s no pain. We’re in a higher vibrational state because we’re not on the Material Plane. We have a different perspective. We have a higher perspective on life we’re not immersed anymore.

We’re not stuck in what kept us stuck before. We have a higher perspective. We have a different perspective. And there is a lot of assistance for us to help us process what we’ve learned from the lifetime. I have never seen a case when I have said to somebody; your loved one is not alright. People often want to know if they have a message for them. You know usually, the message is just overwhelmingly Love. It is that you know I love you and I want you to know what it’s like where I am in this…” Watch the video, Are They Okay On The Other Side, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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