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Everyone Has Some Psychic Ability!

S in Little Hocking, US asks the question: ‘Am I really an empath and psychic. I have the ability to feel others pain and discomfort at times. I love being in nature it’s when in the happiest and I feel the safest. I sometimes see things in my life, while resting, way before they happen.’

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“I have a question from S in the US, Little Hawking is the place, who asks: am I really an empath and a psychic .I have the ability to feel others pain and discomfort at times I love being in nature. It is when I am the happiest and I feel the safest. I sometimes see things in my life while resting way before they happen. Okay so you’re having some experiences of your clairsentience and you’re having some experiences of your clairvoyance andam i really an empath and psychic precognition. Well the card that came up for you is this one, life purpose. I will just say that’s an affirmative. You do have psychic abilities. In fact all humans do so the answer is always going to be yes to anyone who wants to ask that question. Let’s look at the two different types of experiences that you’re having being an empath. When people call themselves an empath it tends to be that they are labeling themselves as somebody who feels other people’s pain. Someone who gets overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and so forth? So an intuitive gift or ability called clairsentience and it is the ability to tune into the emotions.

The primary purpose of clairsentience is body spirit communication. We are meant to use our clairsentience. All humans have it. We’re meant to use our clairsentience so that we, the spiritual beings tune into our own bodies and what our bodies are saying about the circumstances that we are exposing them to. You know I’m sad, I’m afraid, I’m happy, I’m having a good time. But what tends to happen is babies will learn to project that ability outwards because I need to know that Mommy is happy and not angry. Because if she’s angry then I might get the brunt of that or she might not feed me or whatever it is. So as a kind of a protection mechanism we tend to become hyper-vigilant and use our clairsentience to monitor others as opposed to just focusing on our own body spirit relationship .so let’s take a look at you. You’re feeling other people’s pain and that’s why, of course, empaths like being in nature where there’s no other people as opposed to being in supermarkets where there’s a lot of people. Well yeah I’m seeing that you do collect other people’s energy in your space and it would be a good idea to learn how to let that go. While other people’s energy is in your space you are experiencing their reality as well as your own and that can get very, very confusing. Is this my emotion? Is this my pain? Is this my sadness or does it belong to somebody else…”Check out the rest of the video for more of the story.  You Will Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr Lesley Here!!!


 I  help her answer “am I really an empath and psychic?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

It May Be Difficult To Accept Psychic Abilities!

What type of psychic am I? Psychic told me I have a gift, do I? What psychic powers do I have? Am I clairvoyant? These are interesting questions that I receive quite often from so many listeners and readers. First of all there are many types of psychic abilities. No matter which of the psychic or intuitive abilities you may possess awakening your psychic powers does not have to be scary. It can be fun. Would you like to know how to tell if someone is psychic? Simple! Everyone is. The real trick is learning how to use psychic abilities. That is when it is a great idea to find a teacher or mentor like myself. I love helping people expand their psychic intuition. It easy and fun when done correctly and you do not have to battle with any of the problems or challenges you may come across doing it alone.

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