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April 9, 2018

Am I Cursed Or Blessed? FCR092

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I Lived With Persecution All My Life Because Of Claircognizant Knowing

C in Fort Mill, IS asks the question: ‘All my life I’ve had what I call the knowing, am I cursed or blessed?am i cursed or blessed

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Are you Claircognizant? It is not everyone that knows it. Many people just think that they have a high amount of empathic ability not realizing that it is a psychic ability. While reading for this individual I look and explain some of the claircognizant abilities. It may clear up exactly what is a claircognizant empath. I also have a meditation for claircognizance on my website that may help some of you to open up to this ability easily and painlessly.

It MAy Be Difficult To Accept Psychic Abilities!

‘Hello! I have a really interesting question from C in fort Mills where Fort Mill is I’m not sure where is. I think it’s a typo anyway C’s question is all my life I’ve had what I call the knowing am I cursed or blessed? It is the first time I’ve heard the knowing referred to as such so there is an intuitive ability called knowingness. It is the ability to instantly access the information it’s when you know something. You don’t know how you know or why you know you just know it. Another name that it’s sometimes called is claircognizance. So knowingness and claircognizance and so C are asking about this. She says she’s been persecuted her whole life because of the knowledge because she has this gift of knowing. I guess she must have seen something on my website talking about it she identifies with everything I mentioned and she wants to know if she is cursed or if she is blessed.

So we’ll take a look at this question. Let’s share the card. This is the card we got for you and it is about letting go of being afraid of your gift. Letting go of the pain and the story of the pain associated with having this gift. So it’s giving you a suggestion of healing yourself and letting go of the past. I’m going to take a deeper look at your question as well. The first thing I’ll say is this is a common issue for people who are opening their intuitive gifts. Not everybody wants to be known, not everybody wants to be seen. Most people are not living an authentic life and not living a life where everything is upfront and out in the open. Most people are unconscious or asleep. Most people believe they are not worthy and therefore they don’t want somebody to see the bad things about them. Now the other thing is that actually it really is what most all of us really do want. To be able to be seen exactly as we are and loved and accepted exactly as we are. And so what people are afraid of is the judgments of somebody seeing something…’ Check out the rest of the video for more of the story.

I help her answer” all my life I’ve had what I call the knowing am I cursed or blessed?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

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  1. That’s C Carol from Fort Mill, South Carolina U.S.A. lol. Thank you Dr. Lesley for guiding me down the path to healing. As a woman of strong faith I was tormented by the emotions of what I know including the death of my husband recently. I couldn’t say anything bc it was in GOD’s hands & HIS will. But the torment of knowing I could only fall in the arms of Jesus & just simply trust & surrender the love of my life to HIM & did lovingly. Everything you said is right, & I have used it against a few though rarely when someone is before me insulting my intelligence…usually portraying to me someone they’re not & know they are not quite right to trust, & up to no good. Knew as a child which men not to be alone with because they were dirty minded with dirty hands for children. Or as I say at times to myself “that’s a red flag” I’ve always given GOD the credit of my gift, I look at it at times of knowing how to specifically & precisely pray for that individual, not to condone or condemn…simply pray. Which does give me the advantage as a prayer warrior. Feeling cursed when I know someone is going to be hurt or possibly die & try with everything in me to stop it. Example I knew a mother by watching her child that her ex boyfriend was going to rape her and possibly overflow on her child. So I warned her not to open her door to him or be alone with him w/o mentioning rape. I wasn’t going to say anything but my daughter said: mom GOD wont let go of you if you don’t warn her & so I tearfully did, & it tearfully happened losing her friendship for 2 yrs until recently seeing me in the store & greeting me with tears, hugs, & kisses. So I see your point of people fearing me. I knew my 12 yr old son would die young & did everything I could to protect him. My son was gifted to & 3 wks before died he asked me to have him cremated, and I did. Living out in the country first time I let him go to the corner store he was struck & killed by a drunk driver. So many tragic & horrific instances of these examples but the pain of them at times shuts me down for days away from people so I can pray & categorize & file it & put it away in my head to regroup myself. I feel like with the knowing to keep them safe from harm if I can guide them down another road to home they’ll be safe but the same result will happen in the end no matter the road. And that’s when I feel cursed. Why do I have this gift all my life of knowing if I can’t help others. Or has GOD given it to me just for me to keep me safe and prayerful, & you touch on that a little. I appreciate your enlightenment for me & a lot made sense, now I have to prayerfully put your advice in motion. Now if I can control things unconsciously popping out of my mouth in conversations with people. That will be great too! I keep listening to the video to get it rooted in me so I can start the healing process & release & let go & just let GOD be a Lamp at my feet through this journey. Thinking maybe to know if I’m progressing I should do a weekly read with you to make sure I’m on track. Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping me understand. Sincerely Carol Lowery

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