Read important information below about the free card reading draw, Review the submission guidelines to increase your chance of being selected. For urgent help get instant inexpensive guidance from a Life Activation Meditation. For important urgent questions it is best to book a session.  

What Will You Receive

Email your question and your question will be entered into the video card reading draw and considered for my Radio Show. Podcasts episodes that include your answers will be published here. 

Signing up for a free card reading gives you:-

  • Entry to the weekly video card reading draw.
  • A healing energy intuition card sent electronically.
  • An interpretation of the symbols & colors on the card.
  • Instructions on how to read and interpret the card yourself.
  • A healing from the transforming energies emitted by the card.
  • The chance to be featured on Dr. Lesley’s Radio Show.
  • The opportunity for your question to appear on her Podcast.
  • Offer for a new inspirational card e-mailed to your inbox each week.
  • If you are selected you will get a video response to your question from Dr. Lesley

Free Video Card Readings have become very popular. When they first started I used to get a few questions each month. Now I get hundreds every week. It has become impossible to answer each question individually. As of May 2018 we announced that we are now doing them as a draw and I will answer 5 questions per week. If successful, your entry for a Free Video Card Reading might still take a while to be posted, as we still have to create & edit the video & are playing catch up with past questions. 

The good news is as many people ask similar questions. So even if you don't get a personalized answer, your question might be bundled together with other similar questions for a specific teaching. Also as we are all mirrors for one another, if your question is not drawn you can still ​search for Free Card Reading Videos with answers that also apply to your situation. Get help writing a successful question.

Instant help is available!

Can't wait? You can listen to the Life Activation Meditation best suited to your question

Or you can schedule a private reading here.

Guidelines For Asking Your Question

Thank you for your courage in wanting to improve your life circumstances by seeking answers to your most pressing life questions. The complimentary video readings are for quick insights to one question. Due to the very high volume of requests we choose 5 readings per week from over 100 applicants to create a video response. If you are not selected, you will still receive a card that I personally pull for insight into your question. Follow the suggestions below to increase your chance of being selected.

  • 1
    Ask one question. Do not squeeze multiple questions into your free reading. If your reading is selected only one question will be answered.
  • 2
    Don’t request a prediction. You create your reality. What will happen depends on you. Future time questions are re-framed. Instead we ask what you can do to create what you want. 
  • 3
    Don’t ask to be told what to do. I believe in free will, so I won't give advice or decide for you. Instead I provide neutral intuitive insights to empower you decide for yourself.
  • 4
    Avoid urgent questions.  We get many requests & are usually running behind; it can take us a while to produce your video. If your issue is time sensitive book a session or call the radio show.
  • 5
    Refrain from super-critical questions. These are simple quick insights; not in depth, detailed readings. If it’s really important to you & you are relying on me to help, book a session instead.
  • 6
    Do write a question. Don’t leave the question blank or just put or one word.Take time to formulate your question. Priority is given to actual questions over general reading requests.
  • 7
    Don’t ask me to prove it. This is a genuine service. I don’t answer when people ask things like “can I really get a reading here?” If you are a skeptic & don’t believe in intuition move on.
  • 8
    Don't check up on your request. If you e-mail & we follow up it takes time away from getting things done. We now ignore these e-mails as we get too many & don’t have time to reply.
  • 9
    Check the past posts. Some questions are very common. We aim to cover a variety of questions. See if there are similar questions to yours & watch them first as they may help you. 
  • 10
    Do not expect a full reading. These readings are for quick insights to one question; they are not meant to replace in depth sessions. If you ask for a past life you'll get a short summary.
  • 11
    No free follow-ups. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to respond to your follow up questions. Please book a session if you require more detailed information.
  • 12
    One question each. Do not send in multiple questions disguised by different e-mail addresses. We usually spot them & delete them. 
  • 13
    Please share the love. If you enjoy your reading then please tell your friends and family about it. So they can also benefit.
  • 14
    Don't be abusive. If we make an error (such as sending the wrong video link) let us know & we will do our best to correct it. But if you are rude we will delete it. 
  • 15
    Read this page. It is your responsibility to read the information on this page so that you fully understand what is being offered..

Soul Essence Card Testimonials

Past Life Rose Reading
Diane Rodgers

These lovely cards, 64 in total and each one a unique art piece, offer entry into a world of beauty, playfulness, & complex meaning. They invite deep study, establish pathways for intuitive communication, and inspire an atmosphere of whimsy & delight. The Portico cards are simply transporting.

Past Life Rose Reading
Margaret Paul

I loved using these cards. The use of joyous color and whimsical images were perfect to allow for a variety of interpretations. I found myself smiling while I used them and the messages I received were constructive and positive.

Past Life Rose Reading
Cress Spicer

I found Lesley’s Healing Cards to be very profound & healing on many levels. When I held a card between my hands, I could feel waves of energy emanating from it. I felt energy go from the bottom of my spine, to the top and out of my head, streaming over me like a waterfall. At the same time I could feel my chakras aligning. Then the energy ground back into my body, down into the earth. I felt so centered & balanced. I am very excited to discover such a powerful form of healing. 

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