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Make a commission, while helping people develop their intuition, and heal their blocks. Simply promote Dr. Lesley Phillips, who helps “conscious individuals" to discover their answers and live an intuitively guided life. In turn,  you will receive a commission on every sale of her online course, “Unlock Your Intuition.” You make the referrals and we do the selling. All you do is send guests to her free one-hour webinar and we do the rest. Join, help people, and earn money.  Sign up below!!!

Partnering with Dr. Lesley Phillips means your audience will have access to a high-quality, free webinar on Intuition... and more. Signing up for Dr. Lesley's Ambassador Program is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Start enjoying the benefits of memberships today. 

Benefits of Dr. Lesley’s Ambassador Program

  • Commission on affiliate program course sales .
  • Revenue Guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with the results from the Program, please contact us immediately for adjustment considerations.
  • Alternative discount option – pass along the savings to your customers.
  • Variety of links to choose from.
  • Immediate access to your account upon enrollment.
  • Reporting tools for tracking sales, commissions, and traffic.
  • Full support from our dedicated Ambassador team.

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If you are ready to go as an Ambassador, we welcome you aboard and wish you all the success in the world because it is a mutual, team effort.

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