Channeling the Infinite Self

for World Service

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Learn how to channel your guides and soul's wisdom to help humanity evolve and birth a new reality together.

Course Enrollment is Open. Limited Spaces. Class Starts October 1st 2023.

Channeling is a Natural Ability

"Channeling is an innate skill because humans are channeled beings. We are aspects of the one divine energy source that projects light into physical manifestation resulting in human beings."

You are already a natural channel. You were born using the ability to channel yourself from your divine source. You were also born with intuitive gifts that help you sense beyond the physical realm.

When aligned with your divine source you channel yourself and the love of divine consciousness. But when you are out of alignment it is much harder for you to channel positive energies and information. 

You may have forgotten how to access your natural gifts on demand. Or be uncertain on how to get back into alignment. Or suffer from common channeling blocks that are easily resolved once you know how.

You can overcome your intuition blocks by using energy tools to once again take charge of your energy. In fact, self-healing is important for being a divine channel, as you attract and channel what you are

Channeling can be learned with intention, practice, and training. This course will help you reawaken your intuitive gifts and harness your conscious channeling ability.

Channeling is fun and getting easier due to the new energy on our planet. Your light is needed more than ever before. Accept the call to channel your higher being and help make our world a better place for all.

Channeling the Infinite Self

for World Service

The Channeling the Infinite Self Course leads you on a journey, to channel wisdom from the higher realms of reality, for the growth, evolution, and betterment of humanity. You'll use your trance mediumship, knowingness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other intuitive senses to access, and speak universal truth. It's a 12-module online course with live sessions, recorded content, and written support materials. You'll learn through meditation, practice, and practical experience.

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Access to the course materials. Begin immediately. Study the lessons, and complete the meditations for each module. Practice the techniques alone and with classmates. Participate in the channeling circles to hone your craft. Attend the live Q&A to share your experiences, receive help, and ask questions. You'll be able to use your channeling ability to help yourself and others and make a difference in the world. The course contains 9 months of study spread over 12 months, at a pace of 1 or 2 modules per month with a break in between trimesters.

Lessons and Meditations

You can develop your natural channeling ability with experience and practice. You will learn key principles, and concepts, via live, prerecorded lessons, and meditations. You'll practice channeling techniques in private, with practice partners, and in channeling circles with fellow students. Each module includes the main theme (see modules below), with guided meditations to support your growth. As well as channeling exercises, tools, and techniques. You are required to meditate daily to heal yourself, anchor the teachings, and integrate the information. 

Live Teaching 

Live group sessions give you the opportunity to interact with the teacher. You can ask questions, receive help, share your progress, and learn from other students' experiences. Groups are small, intimate, and safe. Each live session begins, and ends, with a short meditation, and may include channeling practice. Impromptu teachings address what arises in each moment. Unlike other courses, the focus is on you. If you get stuck you receive assistance to ensure success. Live sessions are 1-2 hours and are recorded and posted in the course console for you to review.

Course Materials

This course includes 12 modules with practical training exercises and guided meditations to help you develop your channeling skills. Each module has a combination of video, audio, and PDF files. diagrams, tables, charts, and exercise sheets, which provide a system of channeling practice. There are homework assignments to practice what you learn. This includes channeling for other students and volunteers. Course materials are in multiple formats, such as videos of main teachings, and downloadable audio files so you can listen from any device, anywhere you wish. 

Community Support

You will be supported to use what you learn and are encouraged to have a daily meditation practice. Each module includes practicing channeling techniques on volunteers, other students, and your teacher. You get access to the course for longer than the one-year intensive, so you can study beyond the course timeline. There's a Discussion Forum, and Private Facebook Group, for posting inspirations, revelations, and questions that come up in between the live sessions. There is also a Buddy System where you are paired with another student for each module to provide support, accountability, and encouragement for one another.

What people are saying about Dr. Lesley’s courses


Excited About the Course!

"After taking several of Dr. Lesley’s courses, I’m eager to take this brand new ‘Channeling the Infinite Self for World Service’ course and embark on another journey of self-discovery guided by her. From my past experiences, I can expect this course to be well structured and paced to allow profound learning in the positive and safe environment created by Dr. Lesley. The module's descriptions are marvelous! I look forward to further growth and continue contributing to and better understanding my part in our planetary transformation.”


Trust in Dr. Lesley's Professionalism

"I am a student of life. My spiritual journey began a long time ago when I was much too young to understand what was happening. I kept my abilities hidden. For many of us in life, we walk our path learning the hard way. Without the support and clarity others with experience can bring.  have taken a few of Dr. Lesley’s courses and have developed a high level of trust in her approach, her discernment, and her professionalism. In full honesty, I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to learn from and participate in Dr. Lesley’s offerings. They continue to help me answer this question in my life: how can I be of greatest service to others?"

Here's what’s in the channeling course

12 Modules, split into 3 trimesters, to birth your channeling ability. Each module teaches 1. Key Principles of channeling to expand your understanding of this ancient spiritual art. 2. Personal Practice, where you learn spiritual techniques and develop personal experience of channeling.  3. Channeling Circle (in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters), where you showcase your channeling gift in a safe space with your teacher and classmates 

Unlock Your Intuition

(8 Modules over 8 weeks, 8 live Q&A sessions)


Preparing Yourself to Channel

Unlock Your Intuition is the start of the channeling course. It helps you raise your vibration, own your space, evolve your intuition, clear your blocks, and prepare your body for channeling. If you are unprepared for channeling you may overwhelm your physical body with high-vibration energy, bring disruptive energies into the class, and be unable to understand and keep up with the course materials. The channeling course assumes you know and practice what's taught in Unlock Your Intuition.

Trimester #1. Channeling Essentials

(5 modules over 10 weeks, 5 live Q&A sessions)


Module 1: Trance States and Channeling 

We start with core concepts on the art of channeling and learn about trance states. Including being in a light or deep trance, using breathwork, and adjustments of chakras to enter various channeling states. We explore how the Law of Attraction helps establish common ground for communicating with beings from different frequencies. We lay a strong foundation by validating the importance of self-awareness, self-healing, and self-responsibility to be a healthy channeler. You must love, know, and heal yourself first because you will attract what you are.

  • Principles: 1. Channeling Introduction, 2. The Channeling Brain, 3. Three Levels of Channeling, 4. Five Stages of Consciousness,  5. Law of Attraction and Channeling.
  • Practice: Techniques: 1. Channeling Breath, 2. Going in and out of Trance for Channeling


Module 2:  Safe and Clear Channeling

Channeling is like making soup. You blend your energy with a wider ocean of consciousness. The flavor of your soup depends on your ability to shift your frequency to match the vibration of the ingredients. This is why it’s crucial to keep your energy clear and your mind neutral. Your messages are filtered through your biases, blind spots, and belief systems. You need discernment and boundaries, and yet be non-resistant to deliver undistorted information. Safe channeling requires you to cleanse your system, balance your energy centers, and clear your channels.

  • Principles: 1. Meditation and Channeling, 2. You're a Channeled Being, 3. Beliefs are Filters, 4. Out of Alignment Energies, Entities and Discernment, 5. Your Body is Your Responsibility
  • Practice: 1. Nine Essential Energy Techniques for Safe Channeling, 2. Creating a Safe Channeling Space, 3. Three Methods of Extra Protection For Channeling 


Module 3: The Channeling Landscape

Guides exist on many frequency levels. To channel them you must find common vibrational ground, or you won’t be able to communicate with them. This module offers methods to achieve this vibrational overlap by working with the crown chakra. Your crown chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness. A crucial step in channeling is to know yourself first. Then you can discern what is in alignment with your highest good. You will expand your concept of self and your purpose for channeling, and make your first connection with your highest possible guide.

  • Principles: 1. The Nature of Self, 2. Knowing Yourself, 3. Overcoming Blocks to Channeling, 4. It's All About Frequency, 5. Building a Consciousness Bridge
  • Practice: 1. Five Methods to Shift Your Vibrational Frequency


Module 4: Channeling and Your Energy System

Each chakra is a window of perception into a different reality and is a channel for energy and information. You can modulate your chakras to achieve desired reality experiences. While the crown is a major gateway to higher consciousness, other energy centers, beyond the 7 chakras, let us experience multi-dimensional and universal consciousness. Energy channels also play a role in mediumship and channeling. Safe channeling requires you to cleanse your system. You will balance your energy centers, clear your channels, and explore your higher consciousness.

  • Principles: 1. Introduction to Your Channeling Energy System, 2. Higher Chakras, 3. Chakras as Windows of Perception, 4. Chakras and Frequency Matching, 5. Alta Major Chakra, 6. Trance Medium Channels
    Practice: 1. Four Exercises to Match Higher Frequencies and Open Chakras. 2. Daily Practices for Cleansing and Balancing Your Energy System.


Module 5: Channeling Your Higher Self as Your Guide

Your own higher self is your most trustworthy spiritual guide. If you don’t have yourself whom do you have? “For What shall it profit a man, if he gains the world, and loses his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). Here, we work on your connection with aspects of your greater being in the higher realms of consciousness. The meditations are constructed to help you build your ability to channel higher frequencies over time. You will explore connections with higher aspects of yourself and the idea of channeling them

  • Principles: 1. The Infinite Self, 2, Self (Reflective) Consciousness
    2, Group (Christ) Consciousness, 3, Expanded (Collective) Consciousness, 4. Quantum (Universal) Consciousness, 5, Cosmic (Supreme Being) Consciousness
    Channeling Your Higher Self. 6. Know Thyself (Being Clear about who you are)
  • Practice: 1. Exercises to know yourself: divine source, oversoul, soul, and human aspect. 2. Experience the group. collective, quantum, and cosmic consciousness levels within your expanded self.

Trimester #2. Celestial Channeling

(4 modules over 4 months, 4 live Q&A sessions, 4 channeling circles)


Module 6: Channeling Your Master Guide

Lifelong guides mentor you according to your life purpose. Multi-life guides support your soul theme. As you evolve to higher vibrations you connect with higher guides. In this module, you will learn to channel the highest master guide possible. This guide will have overlapping interests, and relevant expertise, and focus on expanding your understanding of life and universal consciousness. Your energy master can help you heal yourself and others, manifest your higher purpose, protect yourself from harm, be inspired, stay amused, be playful, and accept the non-physical realm. 

  • Principles: 1. The 6 Categories and 22 Types of Guides, 2. Concepts of Guides, 3. Guides and the Channeling Landscape, 4. Working With Guides, 5. Introduction to Different Ways of Channeling, 6. Meet Your Guides.
  • Practice: 1. Channel Your Highest Master Guide. 2. Five Channeling Styles: Automatic Writing, Psychometry, Verbal Channeling, Channeled Art & Music.  


Module 7: Channeling Your Galactic Family

Our star family has helped humanity since ancient times. They represent evolved societies millions of years advanced from our own. There is much we can learn from them. They currently have a strong focus on helping us due to our changing consciousness. While they can be physical, quasi-physical, or nonphysical in nature, you will mostly encounter them in non-physical forms. We will plot a star map that represents your strongest connections with guides from other worlds and you will learn to channel their information to help humanity.

  • Principles: 1. Galactic History, 2. Exploring Different Groups of Star Beings, 3. Channeling Star Energy, 4. Meet Your Star Family, 5. Map Your Star Lineage. 
  • Practice: 1. Channel Your Highest Galactic Guide, 2. Star Grid Technique, 3. Techniques from 3-Star Civilizations, 4. Channeling Suns and Civilizations.   


Module 8: Channeling Ascended Masters

Most high-level guides exist as non-physical, etheric, energy forms that are only visible to your clairvoyance. This includes guides, who have lived on Earth as humans, ascended to higher levels of consciousness, and decided to stay and help the evolution of humanity. They understand the human journey, what it takes to overcome the challenges of human existence, remain balanced in a polarized world, and the inner secrets of our divine nature. Here we shall meet humanity’s ascended masters and share in their wisdom.

  • Principles: 1. Intro to Ascended Masters, 2. 7 Rays of Consciousness, 3. Being in World Service, 4. Work With Ascended Masters, 5. Crystal Skulls, 6. Shambala
  • Practice: 1. Building Your Rainbow Body, 2. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, 3. Visiting Your Ascended Master Self, 4. Channeling for Humanity.


Module 9: Channeling the Angelic Kingdom

What we call angels, are fully conscious beings who have devoted their entire spiritual system to serving divine cosmic consciousness. They are on their own evolutionary path and exist throughout the universe. There are many different types of angels. Some are responsible for the forces that underpin reality and are involved in great cosmic cycles. Others, such as Earth angels are assigned to Earth to help people, groups, places, and events. We will explore channeling angelic consciousness to assist the growth of human consciousness.

  • Principles: 1. Angelic Kingdom and Angelic Hierarchy,  2. Infinite Creativity of Angelic Consciousness, 3. Angels and Humans
  • Practice: 1. Four Angelic Communication Styles, 2. Communicating Angels and Angelic Groups 

Trimester #3. Earthly Channeling

(3 modules over 3 months, 3 live Q&A sessions, 3 channeling circles)


Module 10:  Mediumship

This module explores traditional and non-traditional mediumship practices. We will bust some myths and learn where these channeled messages come from. We'll also explore channeling messages from deceased loved ones who knew us this in life and can offer personal insights. You will learn how to read and work a room as a medium and never be stuck in being able to deliver messages from beyond to loved ones still living. As well as how to work with an individual sitter to bring forward comforting messages from their loved ones.

  • Principles: 1. Human, Soul, and Oversoul Aspects of those in Spirit. 2. Certainty, Accuracy, and Clarity of Information, 3. Stuck Aspects and Rescue Mediumship. 
  • Practice: 1. Connecting with deceased persons, 2. Mediumship for Groups and Individual Sitters. 3. Scanning a Room.


Module 11: Ancestral and Past Life Guides

In this module, we will tap into wisdom from our genetic lineage, and release patterns of limitation transferred through the ages via our DNA. We will explore what is traditionally known as the Akashic Record for past, parallel, and future lives, and learn how to channel wisdom and abilities from them. We will also meet with the ancestor spirits, guardians, and wisdom keepers of humanity’s ancient and indigenous lineage for guidance and information. You will explore your ancient roots and understand why you chose your present life circumstances.

  • Principles: 1. Akashic Record of Humanity, 2. Channeling Aspects of the Multi-Dimensional Self. 3. Self-Expression through lineage and location.
  • Practice: 1. Acquiring Skills From Past Life Aspects, 2. Communicating with Ancestor and Guardian Spirits. 3. DNA clearing technique.


Module 12: Animal Guides and the Devic Kingdom

We’re part of the natural world and have a rich history of engaging with nature spirits. Shamans took on animal perspectives through shapeshifting and journeying. Learning from animal behavior and characteristics. Mythical beasts (e.g. unicorns and dragons) help us enter the non-physical realm. Devas tend to the plant, animal, and mineral kingdom. They are on a different vibrational plane from humans and are on their own evolutionary path. They help thought forms manifest into reality and are concerned with the balance of nature.

  • Principles: 1. Planetary Akashic Record, 2. Devic Kingdom and Elemental Consciousness, 3. Plants, Minerals, Animals, and Instinctive Consciousness, 4. Mythological/Archetypal Beasts and Imaginative Consciousness
  • Practice: 1. Shamanic Journey for Animal Totem, 2. Exploring Different Animal Consciousness Groups (e.g. Cetacean, Equine, Bovine, Feline, Lupine, Insectoid, Reptilian, and more) 3. Talking to the Devas, 4. Entering the Mythic Realm.

4. Graduation, Certification, Specialization

(1 Module over 1 month, 1 live Q&A session, 1 channeling circle)

This is a Bonus module for ONLY those who have completed all 3 trimesters within a year. Only these graduates will receive a certificate and gain access to this Bonus Module


Module 13: Graduation, Certification, Specialization 

We’re part of the natural world and have a rich history of engaging with nature spirits. Shamans took on animal perspectives through shapeshifting and journeying. Learning from animal behavior and characteristics. Mythical beasts (e.g. unicorns and dragons) help us enter the non-physical realm. Devas tend to the plant, animal, and mineral kingdom. They are on a different vibrational plane from humans and are on their own evolutionary path. They help thought forms manifest into reality and are concerned with the balance of nature.

  • Principles: 1. Self Reflection, 2. Balancing Head and Heart, 3. Embodying, Anchoring, and Integrating Learnings, 4. Channeling Your Purpose, 5. Working With Your Spiritual Support Team
    1. Channeling Love, 2. Experiencing Oneness, 3. Channeling Your Gift For the Group and Guests.


You can also access these amazing features!

Bonus 1
Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough sessions are 1:1 sessions with the teacher for feedback, monitoring, help to get unstuck, and an in-depth assessment and healing work.

Some students prefer to keep some issues private and discuss them only with the teacher. Some challenges take longer to deal with than are available in the live group sessions. Or students want to check in to see how they are doing or get some more intensive mentoring.

Breakthrough sessions are 30 min long, and up to XX are included in packages where offered.

Bonus 2
Channeling Circles

You'll practice with real people! And be gently led through a process to gain confidence and use your skills. In the first trimester, you'll focus on private practice and be supported by Q&A sessions.

 In the second trimester, you will be paired with other students to practice channeling your guide. The second trimester is also when the channeling circles will start with your classmates.

As we move into the third trimester we continue to practice in the channeling circle, but you may invite guests so that you gain experience channeling for people other than your peers.

Bonus 3 
Certification, and Specialization   (Graduates ONLY)

Through the course, you'll develop a deep understanding of channeling. This module brings it together so you can design a plan on how to use your channeling gift. 

We'll explore channeling, your purpose, and your life theme. Perhaps you'll channel a messenger for humanity. Or work with angels or ascended masters as a force for healing and change

Or bring comfort to people when their loved ones cross over. There are so many choices and now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments and plan for the future.

About The Course Teacher,
Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips

Lesley Phillips Ph.D. helps people access their psychic gifts. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and taught classes in intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor. meditation teacher; and has a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in biology. 

Dr. Lesley's purpose is to help awakening humans activate and use their intuition so they can reach their full potential as awakened humans.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Dr. Lesley has extensive experience training thousands to develop their psychic abilities and meet their goals for personal healing and helping others. Here's a few people whose lives have been changed.

Val F.

High Caliber Teacher

Dr. Lesley is of the highest caliber. She was completely in sync with my struggles and able to offer me direction to help me stay in line with my spiritual path. She is a wonderful, professional and attentive spiritual adviser and I do recommend her.

Elaine Cheung

Practical Tools Without BS

Dr. Lesley knows her stuff. She teaches you tools that are useful and practical to use in everyday situations. Her courses are filled with lots of good information without any B.S. I would highly recommend everyone attend.

Stephanie Duffey

Great Course Preparation

Dr. Lesley’s course preparation and framework of delivery far exceed any other program that I have taken. The added bonus is that she is able to see where and why we may be stuck and offer a helping hand to help us out.

Valuable Teachings You Can Benefit From For Life!

Channeling The Infinite Self for World Service is affordable with a lifetime value beyond your initial financial investment. You receive energy tools, you can use to guide yourself and help others, for the rest of your life. You learn how to use your intuition and channel your ability to bring forth higher wisdom

This course includes over 30 hours of live teaching time. Plus more than 30 hours of recorded teachings. This would cost over $10,000 if done by private coaching, and that does not include the added value of having a community of peers for you to practice on. Or the priceless value of being mentored by someone who has spent over 20 years honing her talents in this area.

Other channeling courses can cost more than US $6,000 and they do not include as many hours of teaching, quality of information, extensive practical training, group coaching, and personal attention, as compared to this course. Graduates, who have taken expensive intuition development courses, say they learned much more from School of Intuition courses! What’s more, the expensive courses were often self-study and they received zero direct help from the course teacher!

Your direct exposure to the teacher means the dropout rate from School of Intuition Courses is close to 0%. The only reason students pause the course is for unforeseen personal reasons. The dropout rate for other online courses is 80% because when students get stuck they don’t receive help.

One year later, most students are not implementing what they learned from an online course. Our students continue to use the techniques because they are tools for living a better life as well as psychic development, healing, and helping others.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All 13 x Modules
  • 13 Live Group Q&A Sessions
  • 8 Channeling Circles
  • 6 Coupons toward 30 min Breakthrough Sessions

1. Essentials $888

2. Heavenly 

3. Earthly

4. Course Bundle

CHANNELING COURSE (+ Unlock Your Intuition)

  • Channeling Course
  • Unlock Your Intuition

Unlock Your Intuition is the start of the channeling course. It helps you raise your vibration, own your space, evolve your intuition, clear your blocks, and prepare your system for channeling.

Contact Dr. Lesley with questions.

Unlock Your Intuition Course

UYI + Channeling Course Bundle

Course Enrollment is Open. Limited Spaces. Class Starts September 2023.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

The Channeling Course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows you to experience the course at zero risk. If you find it isn’t for you, you can claim your refund, so long as you request it no more than 30 days after you signed up, and can demonstrate you completed the course work. This guarantee is only valid if you have taken the recommended pre-requisite course Unlock Your Intuition first. Or if you obtained permission from Dr. Lesley to take the course without the pre-requisite.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join the live sessions?

What is my time investment?

What if I have questions in between live sessions?

Do I get to practice with real people?

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When will I see a return on my investment?

Personal Note

This course was developed in response to some of my students who asked me to train them in channeling. Thanks for putting your faith in me. Clearly, the universe had a specific direction in mind, when it sent me a clear message through such beautiful divine messengers as you. I have done my best to include everything you asked for. As well as what I believe to be most important for you to know, practice, and understand. The content is based on my many years of experience as a spiritual teacher. If you know anything about me, you know I see the intuitive journey as a dual pathway that includes self-healing, just as much as developing intuitive abilities. The world needs more channelers and healers like you. I hope I can help you improve your talents so you can help others while taking very good care of yourselves.