Am I Psychic?

am i psychic or intuitive

It is time to answer the question “do I possess psychic powers” that you may be asking yourself or others. Here is the interesting thing you…

Release Self Judgement, You Are Amazing UYT171

learn to build self confidence

Before you can release self judgement you first need to know what it is. Self-judgment is the critical view you take of yourself.  As you self-judge, you look at your qualities and flaws and then rate them according to different standards.  Usually, you tend to focus on the negative self-judgement opinions and form false determinations about yourself.  Some simplistic examples…

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego? UYT170

what are the signs of a big ego

What are the signs of a big ego in relation to your life? Have you ever wondered “do I have a big ego ” about yourself? Hopefully, we will be able to clear that up. A question I am often asked is how can I tell the difference between my intuition and my ego?

How Do You Rebuild A Broken Relationship? UYT169

is rebuilding love is possible

Notwithstanding the most shocking of deceptions, the most painful or emotional and sometimes physical hurtful practices, or the most disheartening of name calling fights there still may be hope. At some point in time these two people loved each other (hopefully that is). If it was possible loving someone once is it not again?

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually! UYT168

some of the best ways how to ground yourself spiritually

Do you know how to ground yourself energetically? If you do are you grounded now? What is spiritual grounding? If you do not know how to do so we will discuss this? If you do know what grounding is do you know how to recognize the signs of not being spiritually grounded? Let’s talk about this a little because feeling ungrounded causes many issues and it is a very important subject.

How To Interpret Dreams UYTI167

dream interpretation

Do you think knowing how to interpret dreams can be important in your waking life? We all dream and more often than not we all wonder what these interesting experiences mean.
There are several hypotheses that…

How To Read Auras! UYT166

The capability of reading energy and auras is considered a psychic or intuitive gift. Individuals with the ability to detect auras say that they appear to be bands of light which wrap around what is being scanned but mostly people. Each particular band can be seen as different colors.

How To Find The Right Partner In Life? UYTI165

i am searching for true love

Are you one of many who needs some advice on how to find the right partner in life basically how to find love? You are definitely not alone. The question, ‘will I ever find true love’, echoes throughout the world. It is heard in every country, in every language and in every creed. The need to have someone in your life is one of the strongest drives that a human being can feel.

How To Help Someone With Alzheimer’s? UYT164

how quickly does alzheimer's progress

We will all be touched by someone, in some way, with a brain disease at some point in our lives.  How do we recognize Alzheimer’s symptoms? How do we deal with them? How can we help? How do we communicate? There are so many questions and really so few answers. Or so we thought.