How To Help Someone With Alzheimer’s? UYT164

how quickly does alzheimer's progress

We will all be touched by someone, in some way, with a brain disease at some point in our lives.  How do we recognize Alzheimer’s symptoms? How do we deal with them? How can we help? How do we communicate? There are so many questions and really so few answers. Or so we thought.

What Are Accurate Psychic Readings? UYT163

how to find a real psychic

So what are accurate psychic readings? How do to choose a psychic? What are the signs to look for in a good and honest psychic? These are all good questions and they are asked quite often by people just like you. So what is the answer? Read on!

Basic Spiritual Metaphysics Explained! UYT161 Interview

the metaphysical explained by daniel the healer

We have talked about our spirit body living forever and our physical body being energy and using energy in healing. Now we are going to speak to a master in metaphysics Daniel the Healer who will explain how to use this marvel for so much more and advancing the cure for this dis-ease.

What Are Past Lives Anyway? UYT162

what was i in my past life

What are past lives anyway? You have heard so many people talk about them. If you haven’t experienced an accurate past life reading then…

How To Eliminate Stress And Tension From Your Life! UYT158

simple stress relief techniques

The secret to knowing how to eliminate stress from your life may seem a mystery. Yet you can learn how to reduce stress naturally and actually quite simple. The best stress reducer is available everywhere and at any time. to relieve stress and anger or any other negative emotion is to…

Does Hypnosis Work On Everyone? UYT160

does hypnosis work for weight loss

When people think about hypnosis we all go straight to thinking about someone on a stage “clucking like a chicken.” There is so much more to it however. So what is hypnosis and how does it work? Basically it allows the mind to make alternative choices when it comes to what the brain chooses to select as a response to any circumstance, idea or thought.

What Meditation Should I Do? UYT159

which meditation is right for me

How Many Types Of Meditation Exist?
Contemporary meditation tools used to deal with modern challenges are derived from traditional, ancient meditation techniques, practices and techniques. Meditation is an incredible old practice that underpins all spiritual practices in all countries and cultures.

Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation – UYT157

Can a regular meditation practice help

So far we have studied the emotional, physical and mental meditation benefits so we understand that a regular practice of meditation is beneficial to the body and psyche. When you choose to follow a new spiritual path it is quite often that one would find some challenges along the way. These challenges can be a hindrance to your growth. So what does meditation do to help? It focuses your resolve for one. More important however it allows you to create or discover that connection with source.

What Is Personal Transformation? UYT156

visit some stories of life transformation

To qutoe Ezina,”I make music because it is transformational and helps people to heal and live more purposefully. Music renews energy and transmutes negativity. I want my music to create a positive stirring in people’s souls.”

Emotional Benefits Of Meditation! UYT154

what are ways to improve emotional health

Once you begin a regular practice you will definitely experience all the benefits of daily meditation. I believe that emotional health, as one of the paybacks of your efforts,  is one of the most important aspects of a full rounded individual and a happy life.