No Sense Of Self Can Lead To Personal Disaster, Relief Is Near

how to overcome identity crisis and no sense of self

 No sense of self can lead to personal disaster and no sense of self meaning. This can happen very suddenly and without much warning oneness and merging are confused.  In the last blog post I talked about two aspects of the fourth chakra called oneness and affinity.

Are You Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance?

feeling someone's energy from a distance

If you are feeling someone’s energy from a distance you are displaying symptoms of the psychic ability of Clairsentience or clear feeling. Because of its characteristics, it can also be called the emotional receiver. This psychic ability is a spiritual gift and it is…

What Is The Heart Chakra?

what is the heart chakra the fourth chakra

Affinity is a force that combines things or energies and creates the experience of oneness. You learned about it in school when your chemistry teacher taught you about chemical reactions. But it is also found in spiritual attractions and in the case of human relationships is often based on affection. Affinity is neither good nor bad; it is not positive or negative, but is a neutral force. The purpose of affinity is to allow us to experience oneness with another as spirit.

Open Your Sacral Chakra – Heighten Your Sexuality

how to heighten your sexuality

Open Your Sacral Chakra and experience the true you. So what is Your Sacral Chakra? Firstly it is the area of your spiritual nature that pertains to your creativity and sexual power.  It also relates an to effects how you deal with people, your relationships.

Links Between Sexuality And Eating

links between sexuality and eating and the second chakra

There are definitely links between sexuality and eating and the second chakra, the sacral chakra.   The experience of taste is governed by the second chakra, as well as the emotions and sexuality, sex. At a basic survival level taste helps determine what is edible versus what is non-edible. However, humans were living in groups and had developed a consistent food supply, a whole culture as well as food rituals around the world, were developed.

Sexuality And The Second Chakra

sexuality and the second chakra, the spiritual love connection

Sexuality and the second chakra is all about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. the sacral chakra is located inn in near the lumbar area of the body. The body’s energy in regards to sexuality is very powerful. On a physical level it is used to help create new bodies and ensures survival of the species. This can be considered sacred sexuality and the art of divine relationship.

Emotions And The Second Chakra Part 2

our emotions are on fire emotions and the second chakra part 2

Emotions and the second chakra part 2 is all about learning to access our emotions while still being in control.  There are all types of emotions and each emotional message is different. Human feelings and emotions like fear can be experienced as debilitating, whereas positive emotions, such as joy, have you feeling on top of the world.

Emotions And The Second Chakra Part 1

emotions and the second chakra - part 1 emotions are the body’s communication mechanism

Emotions and the second chakra part 1 the first of three posts because emotions are a big subject that effects all of us. The second chakra is the body’s main communication channel to you the spirit. It contains your information on emotions. Emotions are communications from the body to you the spiritual being. They tell you how the body is responding to a situation it is in.

How Does The Second Chakra Affect You

how does the second chakra affect you role of food in families and communities

How does the second chakra affect you and your relationship within society or society itself? The second chakra allows us to tune into feelings within a society. The second chakra represents our transition from a survival based hunter gatherer culture to co-existence within groups, Society.