How To Develop Patience – The Fourth Chakra Part 2

how to develop patience by opening the heart chakra

Learning how to develop patience is a key to a happy life. It is the fundamental principal in being able to accept yourself and others. It is a major aspect of your heart chakra awakening. This challenge is all about acceptance. To be able to accept yourself and your life exactly as it is. Accept the people in your life and the situation in the world. Let go of your blocks to accepting all as it is as well as your judgments or your need to fix situations and people…

How To Overcome Loneliness – The Fourth Chakra Part 1

learn how to clear blocked chakras

Why does an unhealthy fourth chakra can lead to a closed heart? How to overcome loneliness has become a very pressing issue in the lives of very many people of all cultures, creeds and walks of life. Did you know that it is widespread throughout our society and is witnessed and felt in people in marriages, families, relationships and even those with seemingly successful careers?

Balancing the Heart Chakra

balancing the heart chakra

It is Common for the Fourth Chakra, the 5th chakra, to be out of Balance. Balancing the heart chakra is very important to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. The heart chakra is at the center of the body at the juncture between what is above (spirit, cosmos, sky) and what is below (earth, planet, physical plane). It is a point of balance between body and spirit.

What Is The Third Chakra?

what is the third chakra and why is it important

What is the third chakra and what is it’s function? The third chakra is also known as the navel chakra – the Solar Plexus chakra and Manipura, and is located at the solar plexus just above the belly button. It contains your spiritual information about energy distribution, out of body memory and out of body experience (or astral travel). This nerve plexus is associated with many of the physiological functions like the lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, and autonomic nervous system.

Open Your Third Chakra And Experience True Power

open your third chakra helps finding purpose in life

When you open your third chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra or Manipura chakra, you release your true power. It allows you access to real energy distribution, that is to say how you choose to use your energy in the world in creating your own reality. Unfortunately many individuals use their energy to exert power and authority over others.

The Heart Chakra And The Body

the heart chakra and the body

The chakras are very real yet not many people understand their meanings and their responsibilities. Let’s look at the forth chakra, the heart chakra and the body. So what is the heart chakra and how does it affect us physically?  The fourth chakra is located in the sternum near the heart.

What Is The Astral Body?

how do you recognise your astral body

The Astral Body Is Less Dense And Of A Higher Vibration Than The Physical Body.
It is not bound by the same rules of physical reality and can literally fly, walk on water and move through physical matter, basically have an Out of Body Experience. It is not limited by time and space and can therefore travel into the past, present and future and astral projection dangers are virtually nonexistent.

Out Of Body Experience, Astral Travel And The Third Chakra

out of body experience and astral travel

We occasionally have conscious awareness of some of our out of body experiences. We store these memories in our third chakra for spiritual reference. Much of this information is incomprehensible to the physical body and not relevant to bring into conscious awareness on the earth plane.

No Sense Of Self Can Lead To Personal Disaster, Relief Is Near

how to overcome identity crisis and no sense of self

 No sense of self can lead to personal disaster and no sense of self meaning. This can happen very suddenly and without much warning oneness and merging are confused.  In the last blog post I talked about two aspects of the fourth chakra called oneness and affinity.

Are You Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance?

feeling someone's energy from a distance

If you are feeling someone’s energy from a distance you are displaying symptoms of the psychic ability of Clairsentience or clear feeling. Because of its characteristics, it can also be called the emotional receiver. This psychic ability is a spiritual gift and it is…