Why Can I Feel Other People’s Feelings?

clairsentience is why can i feel other people's feelings even from a distance

Can you tell without them saying anything if they are angry or happy or sad? You may well be using a spiritual ability called clairsentience to tune in to your friends and their feelings. Clairsentience refers to an ability to tune into the emotion and sexuality of your self and other people. The information for this spiritual ability is stored in an energy center in your belly called your second chakra.

Psychometry Is An Amazing Psychic Ability!

psychometry is an amazing psychic ability used through touch

Psychometry Is An Amazing Psychic Ability – How To Do Psychometry
It is a spiritual skill that allows a practitioner to know the history of an object by feeling it which is referred to as a psychometry reading. Information pertinent to using this skill is reached through a combination of energy centers or chakras.

Metaphysics, Spirituality, And Psychic Intuition

metaphysics everything psychic and intuitive for you

These are universal laws, whether spiritual or physical, everything psychic and intuitive, they are all part of the many branches of Metaphysics. Basically, there is an order in everything and…

The Light Of The World Shines As You UYTI187

you are the light of the world

We seek guidance from people we would call priest, rabbi, guru or teacher to help us find something outside of ourselves. We are looking for God’s approval for any of many different reasons. Everything from eternal salvation to enlightenment. Here is the interesting point…