How Can Seeing Auras Be Helpful?

how can seeing auras be helpful to your well being

How can seeing auras be helpful in helping to define your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and creative universe? First, allow me to answer the question “are auras real?”

Everything Psychic And Intuitive For You!

everything psychic and intuitive for you with dr lesley phillips

In the world, there are specific laws for everything. These are universal laws, whether spiritual or physical, everything psychic and intuitive. Basically, there is an order in everything and everything has an order. No matter how much we conjecture …

The Light Of The World Shines As You UYTI187

you are the light of the world

We seek guidance from people we would call priest, rabbi, guru or teacher to help us find something outside of ourselves. We are looking for God’s approval for any of many different reasons. Everything from eternal salvation to enlightenment. Here is the interesting point…