How Does The Second Chakra Affect You

how does the second chakra affect you role of food in families and communities

How does the second chakra affect you and your relationship within society or society itself? The second chakra allows us to tune into feelings within a society. The second chakra represents our transition from a survival based hunter gatherer culture to co-existence within groups, Society. 

Introduction To The Second Chakra The Sacral Chakra

introduction to the second chakra the sacral chakra

Introduction to the second chakra the sacral chakra and how it connects the body and spirit.  The sacral chakra location is positioned two finger widths below the navel. It is a spinning vortex of energy that is positioned horizontal to the ground with energy flowing through it from front to back.

First Chakra Blockages And Religion!

the root chakra first chakra blockages and religion

Religion plays a role in influencing how we use our first chakras. Regardless of your religion, which there are a lot to choose from on earth and many of them have guidelines for how we should conduct our lives in the physical world and thus play a role in influencing how we use our first chakras. 

First Chakra Information And World Survival

how the first chakra information and world survival are linked

The first chakra information and world survival are linked in very interesting and critical ways. Your first chakra connects you to the world. The root chakra affects History, Geography and Culture in so many different ways. Let’s look at what happens when you open your first chakra and other people around the world do the same.

The First Chakra And The Survival Of The Species

the first chakra and the survival of the species

What does Survival of the species in the physical world and the first chakra have to do with each other? The first of the seven main chakras, the root chakra,  contains your spiritual information on survival in the physical world. But what does it have to do with survival of the species itself?

What Is The First Chakra? 

what is the first chakra or muladhara chakra

The first chakra, of the Seven Major Chakras, contains your information on physical reality and survival of the physical body. This includes information important for the survival…

What Is A Medium And Mediumship?

what is a medium

Generally when people are looking for ways of how to call upon a deceased loved one they will turn to a medium. Some mediums use what can be considered a…

Have You Been Feeling Overly Emotional Lately?

have you been feeling overly emotional lately

Hello – how are you doing after the cosmic shift in universe, mainly an energy shift? Have you been feeling overly emotional lately? These symptoms of energy shifts & ascension are perfectly expected. It may be due to the recent massive shift in the earth’s cosmic energy.

Planet Earth is a Living Being

planet earth is a living being

Do you realize that the Planet Earth is a living being with a spiritual consciousness, just like you and I? Actually almost all planets are living beings. Humans are like cells in the Earths larger body and we are meant to live in harmony with her.

Let Your Light Shine Part 3 – Find a Teacher

you are the light of the world

Let your light shine part 3 is all about find the guide map for your spiritual journey. Even though we are spiritual beings and you are spiritually unique sometimes it is difficult to see your inner light shining. Understand that you are the light of the world. Especially now as we are all faced with rapid changes both within ourselves and in the world around us.