You Make Me Feel… UYTI182

do you know how you make feel

I am sure that at some point in your life some has said to you, ‘you make me feel’ with some sort of descriptor attached like, you make me feel like dancing or you make me feel like a natural woman (a really great song by the late Aretha Franklin). Ahhh the memories! Regardless of what was…

Positive Thoughts Can Change Your Life UYTI181

experience how positive thoughts can change your life

You have all heard the phrase, be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. The truth is that positive thoughts can change your life as can ‘stinking thinking’. We have a tendency to forget about the power…

Can Dreams Come True? UYT179

So what is happening when you’re dreaming? You’re entering your own inner psychological dimensions. In another way, you’re entering the deeper dimensions of reality. You’re moving outside of time and space. You can either look…

Help With Spiritual Awakening! UYTI177

experience the journey of spiritual awakening

We all have Spirit as out true core of being, our essence. We are all eternal beings having this wonderful experience called life. This journey of spiritual awakening is not something that is outside of yourself …

Emotional Pain And How To Stop It! UYT176

learn how to deal with emotional pain

The feeling of helplessness that is associated with not being able to stop emotional pain is often accompanied by anger and fear is one of our human experiences. These may not be enjoyable however they can be overcome.

Chakras And Their Meaning And Your Life Purpose! UYT175

chakras and their meaning

You like many people wonder are chakras real and if they are you may be curious about chakras and their meaning. They are and the awareness of these energy centers has been around a long time. The word itself comes from the Sanskrit language and roughly translated it means wheel. When observing the Chakras…

How To Talk To Angels And Spirit Guides UYTI173

you can learn how to see angels and spirits

People often ask me if angels and spirit guides are real and if so can they learn how to talk to angels and spirit guides. Well, I can absolutely say that they are. I work with mine all the time. When I do readings they help me. When I am doing a healing they are there right by my side guiding and encouraging. Spirit guides and angel guardians are…