Is Meditation Good To Help Open Your Intuition?

The purpose of meditation is not just relaxation as with mindfulness practice. Meditation is the most powerful way to tune into your intuition. Meditation pulls you out of the physical world and gets you back in touch with the spiritual aspect of yourself…

What Do Meditation, Creativity, Art And Writing Have In Common?

how are meditation, creativity, and arts connected

What do meditation, creativity, and all the arts have to do with each other? Simple! Meditation helps your creativity flow and opens the flood gates to your imagination. Above enhancing creativity it is also possible to use powerful meditation techniques to consciously create your life. A Mindfulness practice really…

How To Ground Yourself And Be Protected?

learn how to ground yourself

Do you know how to ground yourself spiritually and be protected? Do understand how important spiritual grounding and protection are to you? Basically Grounding is your …

Our Planet Is Alive But Is It Well Balanced?

our planet is living entity

Do you realize that the Our Planet, Earth is a living being with a spiritual consciousness, just like you and I? Actually, almost all planets are living beings. Humans are like cells in the Earths larger body and we are meant to live in harmony with her.

Finding A Spiritual Guru For Direction Along Your Path

do you have a spiritual guru

The world is divided between light and dark. This is a planet of dualities and opposites. Even though you are a spiritual being having a physical experience you may still need help. What is needed is some direction to find…