Why Keep A Dream Journal – UYT061

bedside dream journal to help with your dream recall.

Dreams and Journals a door to the Astral Plane. In this episode we discuss Dreams and Journals. Have you ever woken from a dream in the middle of the night? The dream being very vivid and full of meaning. Then you fall back to sleep knowing that you will remember it because it was so intense. However when you wake the memory is gone. Just the understanding that you had a powerful dream experience remains. Well you are not alone. You can change this by keeping a dream journal.

What Do Dreams Mean? – UYT030

spiritual meaning behind dreams

Everybody dreams whether they remember their dream experiences or not. What is actually happening during the dream state is that the consciousness separates from the physical body and has experiences in other realities.

How To Contact Your Spirit Guide Safely! – UYT016

you can learn how to contact your spirit guide safely

So you would like to know how to contact your spirit guide safely to help with those issues in your life that you just cannot master or overcome alone. Many people have different opinions of spirit beings. They feel that some are…

Introduction To The Second Chakra The Sacral Chakra

introduction to the second chakra the sacral chakra

Introduction to the second chakra the sacral chakra and how it connects the body and spirit.  The sacral chakra location is positioned two finger widths below the navel. It is a spinning vortex of energy that is positioned horizontal to the ground with energy flowing through it from front to back.