Positive Thoughts Can Change Your Life UYTI181

experience how positive thoughts can change your life

You have all heard the phrase, be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. The truth is that positive thoughts can change your life as can ‘stinking thinking’. We have a tendency to forget about the power…

How To Stop Negative Thoughts! UYT141

how to stop thinking negatively about yourself with clayton john ainger

Why do I always think the worst and have these obsessive negative thoughts? Simple! It is who we are! That is where we go if left unchecked. It is time to learn how to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. Let’s look at the why negative thoughts and feelings creep in.

What Are Animal Totems Exactly? – UYT104

what are animal totems

What are animal totems? We find the mention of these wonderful strong spirit animal symbolism in literature, see native American animal symbols such as the wolf spirit animal in totem pole designs as, as well as shamanic practices and in the metaphysical sphere as well. The main concept or belief is that…

Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions – UYT139

how to use your intuition with terry wildemann

How will using your intuition to make decisions in your life alter your path. What does it take to drive someone to make a drastic change in their life? Sometimes trauma can do just that. Great fear or illness will drive individuals to look for alternative solutions to their problems. Take a cancer sufferer for instance. The will do anything it takes to try to relieve themselves of this ugly disease. The same thing can happen when your spirituality begins to awaken within you.

How Do I Interpret My Dreams?-UYT099

how do i interpret my dreams

So when you are wondering about, “what do dreams mean when you dream about someone” or ” what does it mean when I remember I died in my dream” there are ways to determine these …

How To Read Palms For Fun – UYT126

how to read palms with Myrna Lou Goldbaum

When one learns how to read palms it opens a whole new world of understanding of people and their physical, spiritual and mental natures. The meaning of Palmistry is hand prediction or palm reading. It is all about learning the intimate details of a person’s personality.

Access Your Inner Wisdom While Teaching – UYT122

how to recognize your inner voice with dr janice fletcher

Have you ever thought that our North American education system was not what one would call up to par? I have on several occasions. I am certain I along with many others would not be alone in this opinion. Then the question arises if it is the school curriculum and way of presenting education, is it the teachers and their skill at getting the info across or is it the mindset of the students?

How Do I Find Peace And Harmony, The Mystic’s Path – UYT119

Would you like the answer to the question how do I find peace and harmony? You would like to understand how to get inner peace and harmony so that you can feel joy and happiness throughout your existence? The trick is that it is not about how to find peace; it is about creating peace in your life. In order to achieve inner peace you must first