The Heart Chakra And The Body

the heart chakra and the body

The chakras are very real yet not many people understand their meanings and their responsibilities. Let’s look at the forth chakra, the heart chakra and the body. So what is the heart chakra and how does it affect us physically?  The fourth chakra is located in the sternum near the heart.

Open Your Sacral Chakra – Heighten Your Sexuality

how to heighten your sexuality

Open Your Sacral Chakra and experience the true you. So what is Your Sacral Chakra? Firstly it is the area of your spiritual nature that pertains to your creativity and sexual power.  It also relates an to effects how you deal with people, your relationships.

Links Between Sexuality And Eating

links between sexuality and eating and the second chakra

There are definitely links between sexuality and eating and the second chakra, the sacral chakra.   The experience of taste is governed by the second chakra, as well as the emotions and sexuality, sex. At a basic survival level taste helps determine what is edible versus what is non-edible. However, humans were living in groups and had developed a consistent food supply, a whole culture as well as food rituals around the world, were developed.

What Is The First Chakra? 

what is the first chakra or muladhara chakra

The first chakra, of the Seven Major Chakras, contains your information on physical reality and survival of the physical body. This includes information important for the survival…