Are Medical Intuitives Psychic – With Atherton Drenth UYT131

learn how to reduce stress and anxiety

Are medical intuitives psychic? There are many forms of psychic abilities and a medical intuition is one of these marvelous spiritual gifts. Basically the ability is a form of clairvoyance. They can see or sense issues within the patient that a regular physician may not be able to ascertain or diagnose even with the use of modern technology of the mainstream medicine industry.

Why Is Body Awareness Important? UYT128

why is body awareness so important to you

We have a difficult life when our body fails us. It is the main reason we are here, we are spiritual being having a physical experience. In turn, the importance of body awareness is…

How Does Energy Healing Work? UYT127

how does energy healing work

Does energy healing really work? If so how does energy healing work? Let’s examine some of the basic facts. The human body is, as is everything in our universe, comprised of energy. If the physical body…

How To Release Pain – UYTI125

learn about healing emotional pain with trilby johnson

Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn how to release pain whether it is an emotional release or physical relief that we seek? Maybe all too often in life one can find themselves in a situation where they are in a terrible place with bottled up emotions and releasing stored emotions would be lifesaving.

Stop Suffering, Heal What Ails You- UYT118

learn how to cope with suffering

To many people, life is suffering. What I would like to say to these people is stop suffering, start living! There is more to life than just learning how to cope with suffering. Sounds like a plan but how? …

Cure Physical Pain And Disease Naturally – UYT083

learn how you can be released from your pain

Have you, or someone you really cared about, ever been really ill and all you wanted to do was cure physical pain they were feeling? Experiencing pain and the anguish of seeing no light at the end of the tunnel can be all encompassing. It can take all the joy and fun out of life let alone destroy what little desire you may have to be who you truly are.

Powerful Healing Through Hypnosis! – UYT116

powerful healing through hypnosis with scott schmaren

Problem facing isn’t naturally easy and takes serious life skills. Or you can seek someone out that has the ability to help you with overcoming adversity. Our guest today is just that type of individual. Join us for a fantastic interview with NeuroPerformanceologist Scott Schmaren a nationally known speaker, coach and author.

Spinning My Wheels Has Me Stuck In My Life- UYT112

how do I stop spinning my wheels

“Help, I am spinning my wheels and find my self stuck in life in a place I don’t want to be.”Have you ever found yourself in a rut, proverbially? Not in a car but in a holding pattern in your life that feels exhausting and stale? Actually, many…

Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock For Physical Health – UYT107

traditional chinese medicine history

One of the less known areas is the Traditional Chinese Medical Body Clock. This clock basically shows how each of our organs has a particular time of day that pertains to the organ’s function and required rejuvenation period. Awareness of the particular areas of our body and the specific time associated with it can help us acquire optimum Physical Health or in the least help pinpoint issues.

Living In The Present, Learn The Power Of Now UYT070

living in the present is really powerful

Are you living in the present or do you have the disease of being too busy worrying about what happened in the past or what the future holds? I get it. Everyone has or has had some form of an issue with anxiety or stress in relation to their lives. Some people class this…