Cure Physical Pain And Disease Naturally – UYT083

learn how you can be released from your pain

Have you, or someone you really cared about, ever been really ill and all you wanted to do was cure physical pain they were feeling? Experiencing pain and the anguish of seeing no light at the end of the tunnel can be all encompassing. It can take all the joy and fun out of life let alone destroy what little desire you may have to be who you truly are.

Powerful Healing Through Hypnosis! – UYT116

powerful healing through hypnosis with scott schmaren

Problem facing isn’t naturally easy and takes serious life skills. Or you can seek someone out that has the ability to help you with overcoming adversity. Our guest today is just that type of individual. Join us for a fantastic interview with NeuroPerformanceologist Scott Schmaren a nationally known speaker, coach and author.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock For Physical Health – UYT107

traditional chinese medicine history

One of the less known areas is the Traditional Chinese Medical Body Clock. This clock basically shows how each of our organs has a particular time of day that pertains to the organ’s function and required rejuvenation period. Awareness of the particular areas of our body and the specific time associated with it can help us acquire optimum Physical Health or in the least help pinpoint issues.

Living In The Present, Learn The Power Of Now UYT070

living in the present is really powerful

Are you living in the present or do you have the disease of being too busy worrying about what happened in the past or what the future holds? I get it. Everyone has or has had some form of an issue with anxiety or stress in relation to their lives. Some people class this…

Dealing With Uncertainty In Life – UYT066

how to manage uncertainty in business

Uncertainty Can Be Frustrating. As a rule, humans prefer certainty to uncertainty. Studies have shown that people would rather experience an electric shock than the idea of being shocked later. This study has also shown that there is greater nervous system activation when waiting for an unpredictable shock than an expected one. Where people differ is in the degree to which uncertainty bothers them. This apprehension of the lack of certainty is very evident in all aspects of our lives. The most common would be fear itself.

Why Is Environmental Protection Important- UYT062

what can we do to save the environment

The Earth is changing; our environment is dying if you will. However once the planet dies it will remain and it will be Us that may be exterminated. The need and importance of environmental protection is extremely evident. We must preserve our environment. It is important for each and every one of us to take on the task of protecting the environment.

What Heals Emotional Pain? – UYT059

what heals emotional pain

Many people are searching for what heals emotional pain. Emotional pain can be one of the saddest afflictions that people can suffer with and can be too much pain to bear.

How To Deal With Anxiety And Stress Simply? – UYT057

learn how to deal with anxiety and stress simply

Let’s talk about how to deal with anxiety and stress in some simple ways. If you are like most of the people in our modern world your life is probably very busy and stress relief management may not even be a thought. Some people are not as blessed. They suffer from heavy bouts…

How Chakras Relate To Life Purpose And More – UYT049

how to improve chakra energy

What is the purpose of chakras? There are times in our lives when we feel really weary due to a lack of energy, or just feel stressed out. Because most of us are in the working world we end up dedicating much of our days and energy to our careers. What is the use of putting out all this effort if we cannot enjoy the rewards?