Emotional Pain And How To Stop It! UYT176

learn how to deal with emotional pain

The feeling of helplessness that is associated with not being able to stop emotional pain is often accompanied by anger and fear is one of our human experiences. These may not be enjoyable however they can be overcome.

How To Find The Right Partner In Life? UYTI165

i am searching for true love

Are you one of many who needs some advice on how to find the right partner in life basically how to find love? You are definitely not alone. The question, ‘will I ever find true love’, echoes throughout the world. It is heard in every country, in every language and in every creed. The need to have someone in your life is one of the strongest drives that a human being can feel.

How To Help Someone With Alzheimer’s? UYT164

how quickly does alzheimer's progress

We will all be touched by someone, in some way, with a brain disease at some point in our lives.  How do we recognize Alzheimer’s symptoms? How do we deal with them? How can we help? How do we communicate? There are so many questions and really so few answers. Or so we thought.

Does Hypnosis Work On Everyone? UYT160

does hypnosis work on everyone

When people think about hypnosis we all go straight to thinking about someone on a stage “clucking like a chicken.” There is so much more to it however. So what is hypnosis and how does it work? Basically it allows the mind to make alternative choices when it comes to what the brain chooses to select as a response to any circumstance, idea or thought.

Self Care Vs Selfishness – UYT151

self care vs selfishness is important

Nobody enjoys their company of a self-centered individual especially those of us on a spiritual path of any sort. Being involved with a person with self-centered tendencies can affect your own self-esteem. If you take…

Healing Modalities For Stress Management – UYT135

healing modalities for stress management

In our modern day metaphysics world we run into many different healing modalities for stress management and other fear based issues that may raise their ugly heads and hold us back. Which is the most powerful healing modality? Which do you chose from the list of alternative medicine, holistic modalities and different types of energy healing? The decision alone can cause stress in one’s life. Whether it is energy healing or some form of alternative psychology the choice can be overwhelming.

How To Overcome Life Challenges! UYT148

overcoming challenges in life can be made easier

Learning how to overcome life challenges is a major part of this life journey we all chose to come on. There are all kinds of areas of adversity such as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual that we can come across. These personal challenges can seem to be overwhelming at times. The problem facing each of us how do we overcoming adversity with the least amount of pain and in the shortest time possible.

What Is Huna Healing? – UYT143

belinda farrell discusses swimming with the dolphins

Huna means secret and is an ancient system spiritual development and a form of Hawaiian energy healing. Some historians have a belief that it may date back as far as  35,000 years. It is said that Huna Hawaiian shamanism, like that of many of aboriginal peoples, may be one of the most original teachings all of humanity and was based in beautiful Hawaii before the continents look like they do today.

Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Find What Ails You – UYT102

alternative medicine practitioners may be your answer for health

Is seeing alternative medicine practitioners a viable option for your all-important health care options. These are individuals such as holistic healers, energy healers or medical intuitives to name a few. Basically, alternative
medicine can describe different methods of health care which profess to deliver the restorative…

Healing Power of Water – UYT101

learn how to make healing water

The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto. Emoto believed that water was a “blueprint for our reality and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water.