What Would Be The Outcome If I Trained As A Medium? FCR343

what would be the outcome if i trained as a medium

Are mediums real? Many people scoff at the idea of a medium talking to the dead. One of the reasons is the modern Hollywood or TV concept of paranormal phenomena and psychic phenomena. They over exaggerate. There have been very many…

How Do I Stop My Skin From Itching? FCR342

how do i stop my skin from itching

Do You Suffer From Unexplained Itching All Over Body? J. asks the question: how do I stop my skin from itching ? Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Health Believe it or not, I have a fair number of people come to looking for advice on how to stop itching skin. Sometimes they have a skin rash that has broken … Read More

How Can I Get Better And Connect With Nature Spirits? FCR340

how can i get better and connect with nature spirits

Many people enjoy working with entities that cannot always be seen. Some of these are Devas, nature spirits, elemental beings, spirit guides, and spirit beings from the other side. Many of you know about spirit guides and the like but nature spirits nature spirits and elemental beings are a…

Why Am I Not Attracting Abundance? FCR339

why am i not attracting abundance

There is a universal reality that most people are not aware of. This certainty revolves around the power of your thoughts and what they can do, what can be accomplished with this amazing ability. You have the ability of creating reality. You are creators…

What Are My Spiritual Gifts? FCR338

what are my spiritual gifts

People use the term spiritual gifts in different ways with different meanings. I use this term as another descriptor for psychic abilities. They are not really different from people quoting religious gifts, for example…

Why Am I So Attached To M.? FCR337

why am i so attached to m.

There are people in this world, in this life and maybe other lifetimes that we come across and just have a strong affinity towards. Once this happens you may find it difficult to let go. Some people called this being attached. So is being attached to someone bad?

Am I A Psychic Empath? FCR336

am i a psychic empath

What Is An Empath? R. asks the question: Am I a psychic empath? Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Psychic Development First of all, let’s get the main question out of the way. Are empaths real? Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, you are one as well. Maybe not to the extreme that others may be but you … Read More

Is This A Good Or Bad Time To Quit My Job? FCR335

is this a good or bad time to quit my job

Should you quit your job? First of all, in this society work and career have changed since dad or granddad’s time. They would have advised you to never quit your job. Stick around for the gold watch and the pension. That doesn’t happen …

Where Does My Anxiety Stem From? FCR334

where does my anxiety stem from

So are you born with anxiety or do you develop it? Does it really matter which it is? You or a friend or family member is suffering from it. Well, there could be so many…