How Do I Get Past The Regrets And Guilt? FCR353

how do I get past the regrets and guilt

I’ve got a question from H. and this is H.’s question; I could have saved my dog’s life and I have regret and some guilt and now I am unable to move on in life. How do I get past…

What Can I Do To Fight Off My Cancer? FCR345

free card reading, what can i do to fight off my cancer,

I’ve got a question from S. in Bullhead City in the United States and S. wants to know: what can I do to fight off my cancer. The card (the card is displayed on the screen) that came up for you is the Grounding card. This is a spiritual technique…

How Do I Release A Spirit Attachment? FCR351

how do i release a spirit attachment

One of the more difficult requests I have to deal with is the spirit attachment removal, psychic attachment release, and psychic attack situations. By the way, some people may call these curses. In order to get rid of a negative entity attachment, there are some very important factors…

Did I Have An Alien Experience? FCR350

did i have an alien experience

One of the interesting question that man and science have not been able to prove or explain as of yet is whether or not extraterrestrial beings, space aliens actually exist. In jest, people will call them little green men because this is how they were depicted…

Wondering About Opening My Patients Chakras? FCR349

wondering about opening my patients chakras

One of the interesting areas of the metaphysical is working with the seven chakras. Some of you may not be familiar so the question I will answer very quickly is what are chakras.  The 7 chakras most people discuss are the main ones. These are energy centers…

What Field Of Work Would Best Serve Me? FCR348

what field of work would best serve me

The vast majority of people in our world have to work in order to live. You’re not surprised to hear that I am sure. The issue is that most people are just doing; doing something to do exactly that, earn a living. There is more to the purpose of life than just…

Do I Need To Apologize In A Conflicted Relationship? FCR347

do i need to apologize in a conflicted relationship

There are so many different types of emotional conflict that occur on a daily basis with individuals. Regardless of whether these conflicted emotions occur at home, at work or even on the road driving they can be more than just annoying. Probably the most uncomfortable and divisive ones can be

Please Tell Me All You Know About Ley Lines In The British Isles? FCR346

please tell me all you know about ley lines in the british isles

Is Ley Lines Magic Energy Real? S. asks the question: Please tell me all you know about ley lines in the British Isles? Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Ask Dr. Lesley Are ley lines magic? Are they sources of odd occurrences and psychic phenomenon? Many people think these things. Ley lines are energy vortexes. They can and do cause … Read More

Can You Help Me To Understand What God Wants From Me Now? FCR344

can you help me to understand what god wants from me now

Whether you feel it comes from God, the universe or is preplanned by you before you came to this journey one thing is common to all and that is finding meaning in your life. Understanding your purpose in life can be a big challenge and living without it is like…