What Will My Life Journey Be Like? FCR089

what will my life journey be like

One of the most common questions I receive is all about life purpose. how to find your purpose and passion in life is a very heavy drive and it is in everyone. Well one thing many people over look is that everything has a purpose and this may be the key to finding personal purpose. Discovering your purpose or sense of purpose can be a fun life exercise.

How Do I Get Rid Of Outside Influences? FCR088

how do i get rid of outside influences

So I’ve got two cards that are to do with the body in response to your question, astral body and the physical body. So we will look at that in response to your question how do I get rid of outside influences, how do I permanently remove outside influences. And I’m getting that what you’re doing is you’re bringing them into your body and your life as a consequence of some of the things that you’re doing in your out-of-body experience.

Will I Meet Someone Soon? FCR087

will i meet someone soon

So we attract circumstances into our life on the basis of what we believe, on the basis of what we are holding with in our energy field. And so the rate at which you manifest anything you desire whether it’s a relationship or something else is directly proportional to how much you are at a point of attraction for that.

What Can I Do To Create A Home Based Income? FCR086

what can I do to create a home based income

When we want something to happen, or manifestation, it does not just pop into existence as if a Genie magically makes it appear. We need to give it time in most instances. This is called the Law of Attraction.

Why Can’t I Allow Anyone Into My World? FCR084

why can't i allow anyone into my world

We all have issues with people in our lives at times. to let someone in your heart is not always an easy thing to do for some of us. It could be that you’re scared to open up for the sake of being vulnerable in relationships.

Will I Ever Be Financially Stable, I Can’t Seem To Find A Job? FCR083

Life is hard enough sometimes with all its day to day challenges. When you are faced with poor financial health and financial anxiety starts to set in it can be difficult to think straight let alone feel spiritually uplifted. So let me ask firstly, how much money do you need to be financially stable?

What Will Happen With My Legal Issue Outcome? FCR098

facing challenges in life

Facing challenges in life can often feel devastating. There are times in life when we feel that we just can’t take anymore. These can be tough times for anyone. In this case our reader has a question about her court case.

What In The World Is Going On In My Life? FCR138

what in the world is going on in my life

Every day of your life cannot necessarily be a joy ride. There are going to be ups and downs. This is more like a roller coaster ride. When you hit a cross roads and you find life is not going well what do you do?