How Do I Cleanse The Resistance? FCR363

how do i cleanse the resistance

You know we often talk about how you create your reality. By cleansing and clearing your energy field to blocks that would be in resistance to what you’re wanting, that you become…

Why Do I Have Sexual And Romantic Blocks? FCR360

why do i have sexual and romantic blocks

…information about these matters is currently outside of the body, not integrated into the body. It’s like you come to those situations operating from somebody else’s information. It doesn’t feel right …

Why Can’t I Find Love? FCR359

why can’t i find love

…how we look at the world and how we look at other people and whether we’re able to see them from a neutral accepting perspective or a judgmental critical perspective. Judgemental people can cause pain. I think what…

What Is Causing Me To Have Bad Teeth And Bad Posture? FCR358

what is causing me to have bad teeth and bad posture

What Is Happening To Me Physically? T. asks the question: What is causing me to have bad teeth and bad posture? Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Health and Vitality A listener asks “what is causing me to have bad teeth and bad posture?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you. Are You Afraid … Read More

How Can I Remove The Spell? FCR355

how can i remove the spell

…how can I regain control of my life? My ex. has placed some kind of spell that affects my afterlife upon me and I am constantly under a dark cloud and it affects those who protect me and their sight in the spiritual realm. Well oddly enough the …