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July 7, 2011

Words Can Hurt Or Heal, The Power Behind Words!

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Do You Understand The Power Of Your Words?

Words can hurt or heal! They can create miracles in your life or completely devastate you. Remember the old ‘“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”’ saying when you were a child well the opposite is actually truer. Think about it. Words CAN hurt more than sticks and stones and the pain lasts longer.power words and phrases are used by powerful people

When you think about easy spells without ingredients that you can use to hex people words are the simplest. Once someone says something the words uttered can never be taken back. They are like energy that can never be erased. I am certain that if you think about it that you can come up with things people have said to you or about you that have affected your life in some nature especially creating negative emotions and pain. The power behind words can create your reality.

When you look at your life with an eye focused on how things come about you must examine the Power Words and phrases you use. If you have read several of my posts you will certainly have come across this concept. Your emotions lead to your thoughts. Your thoughts, in turn, lead to an action or actions you will take. These actions, of course, are your reality, your life. This is how manifestation works in the Universe.

How Does The Power Of Your Words Create Your Life?

Think about finding a Genie’s Lamp. You rub it and outcomes this Genie to grant you your three wishes. What is the first thing you do? You search your mind and heart for what it is that will give you the most satisfaction. Maybe you are yearning for riches, health, or love. Regardless the emotion takes hold and you voice your desire. The Genie then waves his hand and you have your desire.

The Genie can equate to the Universe which wants you to experience everything that you want. Remember the adage, ‘Be careful what you pray for because you may receive it’. This is so true. In essence, you are your own Genie. It is not just what you speak but what you think. Either way, words can hurt or heal, satisfy or create yearning, fulfill, or destroy. You are in control

Words Can Hurt Or Heal Especially In Relationships

Let’s look closer at this concept using the search for love in your life. Keepingcreate easy love spells with just words in mind that you design your reality, let’s look at how you create easy love spells with just words. Again depending on what you think will determine the outcome. If you are thinking “I cannot find love oh woe is me’ well you will be emitting the energy of negativity. Are you attracted to negative vibes? Neither are most people.

If you are thinking ‘ I am really worth being loved. Love will come my way.” you stand a good chance it will happen. Remember there are other basic factors involved as well as you need to put yourself out there. The Universe feeds the flowers and the birds but It doesn’t put the worms in the nests.

The best way to use the power of words is to make your statements positive and in the present as if you have already received what you are striving to attain as in ‘I am a loving relationship with a wonderful person.’ For more information on manifestation, you can check out other podcasts and posts I have created for you.

What Is The Power Of Words

Some words hurt more than words. So how can words hurt you? I would like to share a really strong example of power words that can hurt or heal that I have experienced in my own life.

What does the word Cancer mean to you? Does it make you think of death, disease, or no hope, or do you think of a loved one who has suffered from cancer and passed away? Does it bring to mind frightening statistics about the percentage of people who get breast cancer, prostate cancer lung cancer, and so on, or which cancer the medical profession tells us progresses the fastest or the slowest? These words have power and the power of words that can make you feel and experience negativity and even illness.

The Energy Of Words Is Powerful

All the words we use in our language come charged with energy and sometimes this is not helpful. Two weeks ago I went to my physician for an annual checkup. I was feeling healthy and happy and had no reason to be concerned about my well being. However, the physician spent a long time examining my breast and announced she had found a suspicious lump and scheduled me for an ultrasound two weeks later to check it out. Now I started thinking. I had to cope and figure out how to deal with bad news.

I was the same person walking out of the doctor’s office, but now the label of breast cancer and all the beliefs and concepts that are attached to those words were looming in the air around me. The power of words changed my day. They only have power if I let them. I had a choice to take on that label and spend the next two weeks in fear and worry or to carry on that day with the same healthy body and attitude that I walked into the doctor’s office with. Bracing yourself for bad news can be painful if you let it. They are only words, not necessarily fact yet why do words hurt so much.

How To Stop Worrying About Getting Cancer?

Because I have a spiritual perspective I understand that words can hurt or heal. I knew I had a choice and believing that all was well I chose those Healing words and so I opted not to take on the energy of the word cancer. I am also aware that we create through our beliefs, the power of words is a tool in this case. I was not about to believe myself as having breast cancer. Besides, I could not feel the lump and I could not see it with my clairvoyance. Yet this experience made me think of what this must be like for people who do not use their spiritual abilities. It would be so easy to sink into an unrealistic fear of just about any disease and worry to the point that you create a lump by believing you were sick.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenges

This experience was still a great healing opportunity for me though. Breasts are a symbol of nurturing, so I focused on nurturing myself and I meditated on healing and clearing the energy of my breasts. A friend gave me a clairvoyant reading of the incident and explained that there was a minor chakra that was being cleared of some dark energy from my past. She said the doctor had felt this energy and as she had a physical perspective rather than a spiritual one her only frame of reference was to think something was wrong.

I am glad to say that my ultrasound was clear and this was a great reminder to me words have power as well as the power of beliefs. I am so grateful for my spiritual abilities; there is nothing I know in this wopower words that can words can hurt or healrld that is more empowering than the ability to see and know and heal. This is why I love to teach and assist others so much. If there is one message I would like to share from this experience it is not to give your power away to words or the beliefs of others. Remember the importance of thinking before speaking because there are times when words hurt more than physical pain. Know that you are the powerful creator of your life and that you always have a choice.

Power Words That Control Us Every Day

I am sure that having read the heading of this section you are expecting some long unusual words that are not in your vocabulary. Not so! These are a few very simple power words: what you say can change your life:

  • I can’t
  • If
  • Doubt
  • Try
  • I don’t think
  • I don’t have the time
  • Maybe
  • I’m afraid of
  • I don’t believe
  • It’s impossible
  • I am
  • I can
  • Yes
  • No

When you think about you can see how these simple little words you use all the time can literally change your life. I am sure you can think up many more. Remember that no matter what you may think you are right. You have the power to create your life with Words that can hurt or heal

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Words Can Hurt Or Heal, The Power Behind Words, where we talk about sometimes words hurt more than actions and that a great habit is to think twice before you speak.

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  1. Hi … I went through this process in 2008, that’s when I decided to get back on tract and do my Spiritual Quest again. My Inner voice said “What About Healing?” Cancer is not the problem, cancer is the cure! mmm cure for what, I wondered? “CONSCIOUSNESS” was my reply. That’s why I want to learn more meditation/chakra work and include it in my classes. Blessings, Raywyn “Kiwi”

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