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March 21, 2023

Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die, Beyond The Great Beyond UYT366

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Your Journey Of Souls And What Happens After Death?

Have you ever wondered where does your soul go when you die? What happens to your soul when you die? Is there life after death? Maybe you are looking for life after death proof or proof of heaven. Many of you have questions about the great beyond but want to avoid discussing it. It seems to be a taboo topic in many cases. One reason is it is a frightening topic and seems to be a polarizing question.

Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die, Beyond The Great Beyond?

What Will Happen After We Die?

For many people, especially on the ego level, it is a concern to think they will cease to exist after death. It’s the most frightening thing for the human ego to contemplate death and dying, ceasing to exist.

Do all remnants of you disappear? Is there a soul? If so, where does the soul go when you die? First, you need to start by defining what is meant by the soul. Many of you have your own concept of what a soul is.

As a species, our concept of a soul has changed over the centuries. Individually for you, there most probably has been a shift in your concept of the soul and what happens after death of a person over your lifetime. And not surprisingly, it continues to transform. It’s changed over the ages. It could be different if you followed a particular religion or spiritual belief system which has altered for you.

Listeners’ Questions Posed Regarding The Question, Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die And Answered By Dr. Lesley

You can put your definition on the subject of soul or death. What do you believe they are? where does my soul go when I die

Brian commented, “I think it’s good to revisit topics, even once you have covered Them. Times change and our perspective expands. So it leads to different conversations. And it’s very true. This topic made me think about my concept of life after death.”

Death And Judgement

One concept of the afterlife is that of religion. Western religious philosophy, the typical Christian concept of death and what happens to the soul, can be defined by the word judgment. The belief is that you get judged after death for your actions while alive. Then you go here, or you go there, heaven or hell, depending on what you did during your life.

But for many of you, this belief has altered as you mature spiritually. One reason is how you see God. So even if you still visualize God or the Universe as an individual, you have come to a different understanding.

If you are asked what would your earthly parents give you or gave you, if they were passed, to save you from any amount of pain, the answer would be anything. You have realized that this all-loving being is so wonderful. Would He not be more parental? In many of your opinions, He wouldn’t make you suffer.

The Journey Of Souls

There is another belief that and that is whatever you deem death and the afterlife to be, you will experience for a certain period. Then you’ll go back into the one mass, the massive sea of souls, the single all-encompassing entity of energy. And you’ll be reborn from there.

So it’s one of those concepts that is more difficult for the mind of Man to understand. Because man is dual in nature. And it’s either this or that. But when you look at life, people think of life as one unit. But actually, life isn’t one unit. You have pre-life, life, and death as a timeline. And it’s all one continuation of you as spirit.

Your existence continues in both directions to infinity until you decide not to return. So you think you go, but someone said to me the other day that they thought they had a problem with life-ending. Well, at a certain point, you think life, ending altogether and not returning, can be acceptable.

It’s not an issue. However, in past life readings, you do have these touches of you in the past. Some are not as accurate as others, but some are absolutely real. That’s where you were then.

Listeners’ Questions To What Happens To Your Soul When You Die?what is the soul made of

The listeners were asked what happens to your soul when you die. And here are some of the responses received:

Misty – Your soul is a true vibration. Your true vibration.

Katie – I might describe it as your inner being, your inner light, or your love. I believe our souls can communicate whether our bodies are alive or not.

CK – Is the soul different than the spirit?

Brian – I believe our soul is our higher self, the energetic aspect of our true self, consciousness shining through. It is our unique self to express and experience life in this and other realms. It is consciousness itself. It reminds me of how the sun shines different individual rays of sunlight. We are not the sun, but the rays, and the rays are part of the sun.

Dr. Lesley’s Responses About Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die

I was going to talk about the human aspect, the human level, and then the higher aspect, which sometimes you call the soul, and sometimes the spirit. Sometimes when you refer to higher beings, you have different names. It can be confusing when you are using different names. Still, you will be referring to that nonphysical aspect of yourselves.

You, the human being part of you, you could call the person, you should call personality. You all have a personality. And your personality, your body personality, is like an outfit that you wear. So this lifetime, you have got a particular outfit. This outfit has a particular theme and characteristics that you express.

Also, you have this thing called ego, your ego consciousness. Your ego helps you with your self-identity and your spiritual reality. But that ego consciousness or personality consciousness is not you. It’s like egos which are outfits you’re wearing. And so, they are not. But like it was said before, you, the ego, can be quite frightened by the idea of death.

Because that idea passing from the physical realm to the nonphysical realm means the dissolution of the ego. You drop your personality. You don’t take your personality with you. That’s like an outer garment that drops away when you pass away. Egos are just the clothes that you wear for this lifetime.

So why is the ego an important subject? Often the ego isn’t healthy. It’s out of alignment with your higher being and with your soul. They are not in communication. And that’s when you may be considered asleep.

You’re not consciously awake and aware. You are not awakened to the spiritual, the higher aspect of yourself. It’s like Brian’s analogy of the soul being like the sun. It’s a like you’re standing on Earth in the mist, with dense clouds above your head. You can’t see the sun. You may even question whether the sun even exists. You might think all that exists is the human aspect. You might say somebody who’s an agnostic, or even an atheist, might have that perspective that there’s no such thing as a soul.

You are trying to take it through a journey of consciousness, awakening to the different concepts of the soul. So the next stage might be, well, you think there might be a soul. You have heard of it. But you don’t know where it is or what it is. It seems like this distant thing that is far away from you and detached from you. You are not connected with it.

Well, at present, you think you are more than just this personality, a little bit more than just this ego. You are walking around in the physical world, and there feels like there’s more to life than this. And there’s more to you than this human level.

And so, on the human journey, you start opening to your awareness of the soul. And it still might be the concept of being something outside of you. That it belongs to you somehow, yet you don’t quite know what it is.

Meditation And Connection To Your Higher Selfsoul retrieval ceremony

And then, if you decide to meditate and spend some time turning within, you might get glimpses of your higher self, your spirit, or what you call your soul.

Meditation can clear the mist around you, the clouds above your head. Then you might have some personal experience of what some of you talked about earlier. You will connect with the light and love that you truly are. You will unite with the vibrational essence and the energetic aspect of the pure consciousness of you versus the ego-body personality version of you.

Many of you feel separate from your soul, but you are not. However, the idea of the soul is something that can be hard for humans to truly comprehend with their linear minds.

A good metaphor is a disco ball. It’s similar to Brian’s rays of the sun. In this metaphor, you have the disco ball vibrating and revolving on the ceiling of the disco. There are rays of light emitting from all the different squares on the disco ball. And these are projections of consciousness into physicality. And so you are one of those lights on the floor, being reflected from the disco ball. And in that metaphor, you could say other projections of consciousness are the other rays of light traveling around on the disco floor.

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And you could consider some of them to be past life, parallel life , or future lives, that kind of thing. And that is, it’s a great metaphor that you can use to understand the soul.

And then, even one step further, there was another concept of the soul which was alluded to. It was a sea of consciousness, an ocean of everything the all-that-is, or the oneness. And individuated consciousness is a minuscule drop in the ocean. That drop separates itself from the ocean at birth and merges back into the ocean at death. And what you say might happen to the soul at death depends on what you believe the soul is and what happens to it at the dissolution of life.

The universe and everything in it is made up of the same energy. You all are energy; everything is energy. It’s all this same energy. This energy exists, has existed, and will exist in the future in different forms.

In the ocean of consciousness, a mass of energy, the individuated consciousness, exists. It creates individuated consciousness and then reclaims individuated consciousness. This is creating individuated fragmented aspects of itself and then resolving them. And so, in that context, the soul is a part of that great sea of consciousness. Or the soul is a part of that projection of the drop as it comes into physicality. And so you have your personal

God Self, which is the higher being aspect that is overseeing the incarnation. So you are the one with boots on the ground. And there’s a higher aspect of you, which is also coming from that great sea of consciousness.

Katie has a question about that. – She says, so does all of this mean that our soul does not have a personality? And therefore, when you die, your soul remains, but because you are not a person with the body anymore, it’s no different than anyone else’s soul? Or is each soul distinct from other souls?

Dr. Lesley’s Response To Katieyou are spiritual being having a physical experience

That’s a good question. That’s the human mind that wants to categorize things, right? You always want to categorize things. And it’s the only way that you can understand things is to slice and dice them in that way. And so I would say, if we’re talking about an individuated soul in the human concept of a thing that exists as a separate thing on its own, you would say that it probably the idea is it has themes within that consciousness that have been explored, but not a personality in terms of how you think of a human personality. But you could also say that it is integral to the ocean of consciousness.

And so, as a human being with a human intellect, you can’t fathom how something can be together and separate simultaneously. Your soul is an aspect of everything and contains information about everything.

Because the nature of the oneness is holographic. So when you think of God, the great all-that-is, the One, it is one singular infinite being. Then it segregates off little pieces of itself. Just like a hologram, those little pieces potentially have access to everything. Now, when you are in the human condition, you have created the illusion that you don’t have access to everything because you have brought yourself into this density.

Here in the world, the availability of all information is foreign. So you have removed yourselves from that. And you have positioned yourselves in this linear time-space reality, which has a very narrow focus. And so part of your ascension process, your spiritual waking up process, is to drop away some of that density. This allows you to become more enlightened. The density gets lighter, and you get clearer. You start to open up to more of that multi-dimensional nature and infinite oneness.

So what happens to the soul when you die? I almost want to say nothing. Because it is part of the infinite oneness. And as you evolve, it evolves, and everything evolves. So as you have an experience, your experience belongs to your soul, which belongs to everything and everyone because it’s a vast pool of consciousness and experience.

So the concept of soul, death, and life is challenging to wrap your head around. The main reason is that there is no concrete proof. And regardless of what you or anyone else think it may be, it is what it is.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die, Beyond The Great Beyond, where we look at a new way of considering where does your soul go when you die.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die, Beyond The Great Beyond:

  • CK – What’s the difference between the soul and the spirit?
  • Cole – I understand that as a person approaches death, the soul begins to gradually withdraw from the body, like someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s who’s not entirely here. So how is the soul connected to the body? I’ve heard of people viewing the cord that connects them to the body in astral traveling, but is the soul just shining through us, or is it in us? What’s your take on this, Dr. Lesley?
  • Budaj – How would you explain souls that have not “crossed over” or places haunted by ghosts? – are those souls or something else?
  • BC – You’re new expanded view of what happens after a person dies is why it’s so great to revisit previous topics.
  • Brian – So when mediums tell a ghost to go into the light, that’s essentially the soul reclaiming that fragment?
  • Andarini – I read Life Between Lives by Michael Newton and other titles. They are interesting. A Journey of Souls. Are they valid?
  • Cole – Are there situations where a soul can leave the body before physical death? Maybe like during brain death or falling from a great height?
  • Brian – Fun show, Dr. Lesley!

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