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June 11, 2019

What Is The Law Of Attraction Anyway? UYTI202

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If You Can Think It – You Can Have It…

The Law of Attraction, you have probably heard the term but you are uncertain about it. So what is the Law Of Attraction? It is a pattern that one can use to allow the Universe to attractmanifesting abundance and changing reality with thoughts and fulfill your wants and needs, basically manifesting abundance. This precept applies to every individual on our lovely planet and even those beings in faraway galaxies. This law uses the energy that you create when you think about things, also called setting intentions, and attracts like energy into your life. The key here is to remember that the Law of Attraction uses your thoughts, positive or negative, to bring more of the same into your life no matter what it is.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is not just a mystery but an amazing force. It actually has a massive influence on your life every day. Even the most avid practitioner of this rule of the Universe is not fully cognizant of each minute of the day that they are using this principle to create the events of their lives. You are constantly thinking and feeling emotions. These are working as strong lodestones, magnets, drawing in more of the same. Basically, you create your reality. Yes, you! If you want to remain in a state of denial about this then you should stop reading. If you are ready to take on that responsibility read on.

Don’t worry, be happy because the secret of this powerful creation will unfold for and you will be able to use this in your life to create all you desire. You will uncover your own personal Aladdin’s lamp complete with a Genie of your own.

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?

Regardless of all naysayers who would like to remove this responsibility from their shoulders the Law of Attraction is real. It works. It is working right now for you. You are obviously reading this because you are looking for something that is missing in your life, love, financial security, health or knowledge, or maybe just a new car. You have been pondering just how to acquire this and fulfill this desire and low and behold you have landed here reading this article or listening to this podcast.

Again the most difficult part of recognizing and admitting the veracity of what the Law of Attraction offers is coming to the understanding that all, each one of the decisions you will make in your life, having positive or negative outcomes, has been molded to fit your your mind creates your reality using the law of attractionrequests. You are in charge whether you know it or not. So why not take hold of those reins to go where you really want to go and avoid the many chasms along the road of life.

Understanding The Law Of Attraction

So now that have become aware that life is like a blank canvas and you are the artist you can begin creating masterpieces lets look a little deeper into how to use the Law of Attraction. You can learn how to manifest money, how to manifest love, how to create any type of abundance of life. The true power of manifestation is that it is limitless. Your consciousness creates reality, it is creating your reality. If you don’t like something, change it!

These manifestation techniques are simple but don’t misunderstand it does take some effort on your part. The first and most important step is to learn the extent of the power of your thoughts. Learn how to control reality with your mind takes your focusing energy accordingly. Remember you are manipulating reality with your mind every thought.

What Is The Law Of Attraction, And Why Thoughts Become Things?

The Law of Attraction in a nutshell: thoughts lead to emotions or vice versa. Emotions or Thoughts lead to Actions. Actions lead to Results. Results equal Your Reality. E = T = A = R = Y.R. We have an expert on the process Kelli Cooper with us today to discuss just how and why this rue of the universe works and to dispel any fears or worries about it and how belief creates reality.

Kelli discusses an individual’s obligation and the system one should employ in changing reality with thoughts to take the fullest advantage of this gift. She is an international Law of Attraction Coach and particularly focuses on misunderstandings about the teaching. Kelli bridges the chasm between the ‘theory’ and reality of conscious creation including the Law of Attraction steps.

Kelli states “I want to help people to make an energetic transformation and focus on emotional well-being, with the understanding the ‘stuff’ still comes this way too! This journey is much more pleasant than just trying to change the outside and get what you don’t have. ”

  • Here are some questions we discuss with Kelli Cooper on What Is The Law Of Attraction:
  • What is the key difference between the theory and reality of manifesting?
  • What are some common misconceptions about the teaching?
  • Where is the first place to start?
  • How do tools and techniques like affirmations factor into the process?
  • What is the biggest barrier most conscious creators face?
  • How specific should you get with your manifestations?
  • How can we be more detached?
  • What’s the best way to activate positive energy?

Regardless of whether or not you believe in the law of manifestation, the Law of Attraction is real and in place each second of your existence. The proof that our thoughts create reality is your reality itself.

You can reach Kelli at https://www.livelifemadetoorder.com/blog/

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth What Is The Law Of Attraction Anyway and explore how your mind creates your reality answering the question can thoughts affect the physical world. You can make creating reality fun and exciting you can even attract a free psychic reading below. Try out your new skill.

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