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Learn How To Love More, Forgive Completely And Heal Deeply!

This episode is about positive change, personal transformation. So what is personal transformation? Life brings us lots of challenges and it is a great plan to have the tools available to deal with these issues. Life is like a four legged table. Each leg represents one of the four aspects of our lives; the personal transformation storiesemotional, the spiritual, the mental and the physical. If any one of these legs is not equal to the other what happens. Of course! The table is wobbly. One of the ways to help us assure we have a level table is to have a professional work on it ensuring the legs are even or at least showing us how to keep them even. This person is called a mentor, a teacher even a life coach. Tonight’s guest, Ezina, is such an individual. Like her name she is quite unusual. She is a strong wonderful presence that wants to help us live the best life we can and does so in such beautiful ways. In the area of transformational leadership I think she is among the loveliest and the best.

Ezina has her own stories of life transformation. These experiences have helped her on her road to becoming an internationally recognized success coach, author, motivational speaker, and musician who is helping revolutionize raw/vegan cuisine, yoga, mantra music and the holistic living landscape.  As one of the most exciting yoga and personal transformation personalities, she offers her books, music, meditations and motivational mix tapes as medicine for the soul. She is the founder of Kundayasa Yoga which fuses Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Reiki and EFT. By building upon ancient healing methodologies, students develop core strength, stress reduction, flexibility and mindfulness in each class. Ezina layers her teachings with a down-to-earth mix of Eastern and Western techniques, pop culture and inspirational messages.

How Can I Make These Changes In My Life?

Ezina is known as an “inspirationalist” when it comes to helping people reach their goals. Her life changing mind and body retreats, motivational mixed tapes, and books such as Raw Food 101, HotGirl Diet, Divine Living Cuisine, Simplistic Bliss, Grow Your Star, Surrender to Sadhana, Awakening Your SoulStar and Grace, help people make positive lifestyle changes that maximize their ability to love more, forgive completely, heal deeply, increase energy, reverse life-threatening conditions and enjoy a holistic and active lifestyle.

We all have our own personal transformation stories. Ezina’s mission is to inspire people to love more starting with themselves and to star in the story of their lives. She believes that life is not a dress rehearsal and that you should live your dreams now. Ezina lives in Los Angeles, California, and regularly takes her show on the road, touring internationally to share her expertise.

To qutoe Ezina,”I make music because it is transformational and helps people to heal and live more purposefully. Music renews energy and transmutes negativity. I want my music to create a positive stirring in people’s souls.”

Here Are Some Of The Questions We Ask Ezina:what is personal transformation

  • What is personal transformation?
  • How did you become involved with yoga, meditation, and spirituality?
  • How does your music involve these concepts?
  • How do Mantras help us?
  • What is your daily spiritual practice?
  • What is Kundayasa Yoga?
  • What advice would you give to those just getting started with spirituality and meditation?
  • How does wellness fit into your daily routine?
  • What does the term “Unlocking Your Truth” mean to you?
  • How do you inspire others to Unlock Their Truth?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Personal Transformation, and learn all about how to improve your life expeience.

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