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January 4, 2019

What Is A Belief System – What Are Personal Beliefs You Have? UYT068

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Your Belief Systems: Where Did They Come From

You have heard the term before belief system. So, what is a belief system? An even better question is, what is your belief system? Do you actually have any? If you believe that you do not do well, that is a belief system around belief systems. We all, each one of us, have a personal list of values and beliefs that we use to determine everything we do other than maybe the autonomic processes like breathing, urination, digestion, heartbeat, and sexual arousal, toyou to have common belief systems name just a few. You can try to change your beliefs around those, but it would be a wasted effort. Basically, your reality surrounds or represents your beliefs.

Even social groups and societies have belief systems. Some call them laws. Whole Cultures were established, followed, and corrupted to the point that they fell away and vanished based on their belief systems. This list of beliefs comes about through family, peer, and societal experiences. Let us not forget the real drastic one, the media. We are basically human computers that are being downloaded with data from the day we are born.

What Is A Belief System – What Are Personal Beliefs You Have?

I have scattered a few power of belief quotes throughout this article to give you some positive concepts to mull over.

  • “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” Stuart Chase
  • “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” Tony Robbins

This is not a voluntary thing. We do not get asked if it is okay to have any specific belief put into our system. These are just absorbed by our senses. We do not go through each of the different belief options we have assimilated every time we need to decide on something. In essence, beliefs and the choices they foster become habitual.

What Is A Belief System And Belief Examples

Let’s look at one of the belief system examples that can be very strong in creating your life journey. What is your favorite Holiday meal or treat around the Christmas holiday season? I am using this because most people celebrate this regardless of religious beliefs or have some similar custom. Oops, a believe synonym! Did you just decide that this was your favorite or did this come from when you were young and your family partook of this at this specific time of the year?

You may even avoid this particular foodstuff because it reminds you of the terrible holiday seasons you spent as a youth. This is also a belief system. Some people dread the whole Holiday thing altogether because of the commercial nature of it, another personal belief system.

Let me ask you a question: think about one specific laundry detergent. Did you pick the one you use, or did you pick Tide or maybe Gain? You may even use a different detergent than chose for your answer. Even if someone else does your laundry, you come up with one. Why? Because you have seen it in the shops, in commercials, in magazines, etc. You have been programmed. Ouch, sorry!

  • “If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” Mahatma Gandhi
  • “I can believe anything, provided it is incredible.” Oscar Wilde

I am sure you are getting the picture. So, what does laundry detergent have to do with your list of personal belief systems, and why is it so important? The adoption of the phrase “belief system” can be very complicated. They are constructions of standards and common belief systems that are related and are the interrelations between various beliefs. Belief systems are the narratives we use when we describe our own understanding of reality.

Beliefs Are A Conviction Synonym

Again everyone has a particular belief system that they employ, and this device is we personally make sense of our world. Every time we encounter any experience in our lives, we use our belief system to construct how we react to it. It is almost impossible to understand a happening in your life without judging it and how you should behave, which is something that you have assumed from your social interactions.

Types Of Beliefs You May Havepeople help build your list of personal values

These interactions are taught by encounters with beliefs established or reinforced by society, theology, personal experience as well as being trained. Your convictions, political opinions, tastes, and even feelings are all part of the data processing that goes on in your brain.

The interesting thing is that these belief systems have no real purchase in your life whatsoever. You can change them, and you do. Each one of these is actually part of you creating your own reality.

  • “One life is all we have, and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief is a fate more terrible than dying.” Joan of Arc

Regardless of how your belief systems are formed, they touch every aspect of our lives. We have personal values and beliefs in regards to other peoples’ lives. These are sometimes called judgments. The interesting thing about a specific belief about someone or something it causes you, the believer, to be affected. This is how belief systems affect society.

What Are Personal Beliefs That Can Change Your Life

Let’s examine a simple circumstance in your life. You have determined that a specific person has betrayed your trust. This is your perception of what has occurred. Subsequently, your emotional state changes. Our beliefs and values shape our actions. So you may become agitated or angry. If we consider the individual who has, in your eyes, betrayed you, they may not even be aware of it. Their belief system does not recognize this as an affront to you whatsoever. Who is right, and who is wrong? Beliefs and behavior go hand in hand.

You can create your reality. All you need to do is change the belief system around that reality. It can be changed instantly and last until another stimulus comes in that is stronger.

There is a formal:

B+T+A= R

Your beliefs (thoughts and emotions) become actions that become results, and results are your reality.

Beliefs Are A Conviction Synonym

Let me give you an example. Let us presume that you are in a wonderful, loving relationship our belief systems create our realitywith someone that you trust and admire. Also, you have a really wonderful friend you have known your whole life and trust as well. Both of these relationships are strong and deeply embedded in your heart and mind. You have a really strong and positive conviction about these two people. No one can change how you feel about these two beautiful people, right?

How would you feel if you came home and found a note on the table telling you that the two of them fell in love and ran away together? How long would it take to change your belief around these two? How long would this new belief system stay in place? You may forgive, but never forget.

This is how our belief systems affect our lives. You have the choice to believe or not believe. The only things set in stone are sculptures and grace stones.

In this podcast, What Is A Belief System – What Are Personal Beliefs You Have, you will learn:

  • What is a belief system?
  • The importance of your beliefs and how beliefs influence behavior.
  • How does belief influence action?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is A Belief System – What Are Personal Beliefs You Have, as we discuss how these human belief systems have evolved and how beliefs affect our lives. More importantly, we learn how to examine and alter them if need be.

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