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October 10, 2018

The Power Of Your Thoughts – Upside Down Thinking UYTI178

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Do Things Just Happen To You Or Do You Create Reality?

One of the issues with the new humanity is that you have lost the truth of the power of your thoughts, your psychic abilities, and your true nature which is Spirit or Consciousness. We have been lead to believe that we must accept the lot in life that we have. It can’t be changed. This can’t be further than the truth. Are you ready for the truth? You create your reality. Your thoughts become reality. What you believe becomes your reality. Beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions. These actions become your reality. So pay attention to your thoughts they are the beginning of your actions, your reality.

“Watch your thoughts.” Lao Tzu

Would you like some scientific proof of positive thinking? Today we will do just that, bring you proof we create our reality. We have Mark Gober on our show and he has scientific evidence, actual real evidence of some very amazing things that will seem unreal, proof that our thoughts create reality. He will be sharing A Revelatory Look at the Evidence that Upends the Scientific & Public Belief That the Material World is the Foremost Reality—and How That Reversal Explains Our Seeming “Wizard-Like” Abilities

Scientific Proof Of Positive Thinking, It Is More Than An Attitudea revelatory look at the evidence that upends the scientific & public belief that the material world is the foremost reality

Whether you realize it or not, most of modern society’s thinking is based upon a philosophy known as “materialism”—the notion that physical material, known as “matter,” is fundamental in the universe. In other words, it’s the basis of all reality. Everything is comprised of matter, and everything can be reduced to matter.

But a fascinating read through Mark Gober’s, An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life and you will know otherwise.

The Power Of Your Thoughts-Upside Down Thinking

This compelling book offers clear evidence and makes the case that consciousness is the force that precedes matter—and upends all of the scientific and popular thinking that the brain (matter) creates consciousness. Science dismisses any evidence to its contrary position—a position it can’t prove–relegating the “matter-produces-consciousness” argument to nothing more than unfounded belief and faith—just another a form of ”religion,” Gober holds.

But once he begins to cite the evidence that consciousness is the basis of all reality and can create or transform matter, that’s where things get REALLY interesting. In his book, An End to Upside Down Thinking, Gober re-examines the seeming “wizard-like” gifts of telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, and remembrance of past lives through this new filter, bringing forth the scientific studies that support this viewpoint…and even if you’ve read some studies in the past, there are new ones here that will astonish you, along with remarkable, overwhelming statistics that will leave you with little doubt.

Mark is an author whose worldview was turned upside down in late 2016 when he was exposed to world-changing science. After researching extensively, he wrote An End to Upside Down Thinking to introduce the general public to these cutting-edge ideas – all to encourage a much-needed global shift in scientific and existential thinking.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

The Power Of Your Thoughts: Mark Is More Than Just An Author

He is a partner in a strategy firm and investment bank in Silicon Valley. He is also a searcher. has long explored answers to life’s challenging questions. As an undergraduate at Princeton University, he was drawn to astrophysics because he wanted to understand the universe. However, due to circumstances, he decided that path would be too demanding. So instead of studying the invisible forces that govern the universe, he studied the invisible forces that secretly drive human behavior, getting a degree in psychology, focusing on behavioral economics.

In the summer of 2016, he randomly stumbled across a series of podcasts that exposed him to some radical new ideas. Those ideas put into question the most basic assumptions about who and what we are as human beings. His book, An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life, will change how you look at everything!

Here Are Some Of The We Ask Mark:

  • What is your personal experience with intuition?
  • How did you become interested in the topics you discuss in your book, An End to Upside Down Thinking?
  • What is your book about generally?
  • What do you mean by “upside-down thinking”?
  • What is the scientific evidence that we all have telepathic abilities?
  • Can you share some evidence of precognition, Manifestation, Healing, and Telekinesis?
  • What is your take on near-death experiences?
  • How will this new line of thinking change people’s lives?
  • What are the implications for science, medicine, artificial intelligence, and Elon Musk’s Neuralink startup?
  • What is your upcoming podcast about?

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How the evidence is in the experiencing.
  • What is the scientific evidence that we all have telepathic abilities?
  • How will understanding this change us?

You can learn more about Mark and reach him at www.markgober.com

Mark’s Social Media information:

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markgoberauthor/

-Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkGoberAuthor

-LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-gober-bb957220/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markgober_author

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, The Power Of Your Thoughts-Upside Down Thinking. and learn how you are so much more than you think.

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