The Power Of Words

You manifest your thoughts and beliefs through words

The Power Of Words, You Communicate Through Words And Language.

The power of words and language are your vehicles to manifest your thoughts and beliefs into the physical world. The meaning of words allows you to share information with others and project your energy out into the world. Words and language also help you the spiritual entity, your core essence,  feel more real to your physical body as this is how you speak through it.

Your Words Have Power

Language, words, and writing are how you make your ideas thoughts and beliefs physically real. They are your tools and, as any tool can, may be used in a positive or even negative way. Words can even be used as weapons. Whether you deliver or receive verbal abuse, it is easy to deny it causes harm: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” However, verbal abuse can cause deep psychological damage. Harsh words hurt feelings!

The Power Of Words: Mind Your Language

Language is used to control people. Words vibrate with the energy and intention they are delivered with. Over time some words become permanently imprinted with a negative vibration and instill strong emotions whenever they are uttered. Try saying “bomb” in an airport security check line up!  The use of certain words has even been legislated against because they have been deemed to be racist, sexist, insulting, harassing and so on as well as harsh words can hurt.

Most people pass their true thoughts and beliefs through an appropriateness filter before speaking them out loud. The power of our words should not be underestimated. If you do this you may not be arrested at the airport, but are you limiting your self-expression?

  • Do you often say one thing, but think another?
  • Do you censor yourself through politeness?
  • Do you hold back as it would unacceptable to share your thoughts in polite company?

The trouble is that this can mean you fail to deliver a strong enough message at a time that it is needed and you could remain unheard due to your own limits. Yet remember harsh words stir up anger.

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The Spiritual Message Is Always Clear

You are in constant spiritual communication, non verbal, whether you acknowledge it or not. So you may want to think twice before censoring yourself like this. The spiritual message is always clear. The power of the tongue is limitless yet regardless of what you say, you emit the energy vibration of your thoughts. Your partner in conversation is always aware, on some level of their consciousness, of the true vibration, and so this leads to confusion.

An example is that you say you like someone, but at the same time you are sending a telepathic message that you hate them. The hate is what they will receive, no matter how strong the lie.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, The Power Of Words, when we discuss the power of written words as well as the power of the tongue.

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