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How Do You Feel About Honestly Yourself???

Before you can release self judgement you first need to know what it is. Self-judgment is the critical view you take of yourself.  As you self-judge, you look at your qualities and flaws and then rate them according to different standards.  Usually, you tend to focus on the negative self-judgement opinions and form false determinations about yourself and suffer the negative emotions.  Some simplistic examples of self judgment could be how you feel about who you are, how you look, how intelligent you are, how you speak, walk etc. There are so many variations of negative self judgement.   These biased opinions you have can seriously wear away any self confidence or self-respect you may have. The fear can set in. You can put yourself in a position where you feel totally stuck in life and very alone. Not capable of having any chance of a fulfilled happy life.

There are many reasons that you may judge yourself brutally but the main one os that you suffer from an absence of self-belief. This normally occurs when you begin to analyze what you do and compare that to whatever you believe you should have. Even worse is when you compare yourself to others in comparable circumstances.  You care too much about how other people judge your decisions or behavior.

Everyone makes mistakes. Even your greatest heroes or role models.  However lingering around in those well known self-destructive practices of self-blame will not end well. Do not misunderstand. There is no blame here. You have acquired this sense of harsh self judgement honestly. They are learned from people and media you have come into contact with.

You Can Release Self Judgement!!!

who taught you such harsh self judgement

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Well, I have some news for you. You deserve the love, the respect and the positive recognition that everyone desires and merits. And to secure that belief in you we have a special guest Lora Cheadle.

Lora is a lawyer turned burlesque dancer, psychic, hypnotherapist, and metaphysician. As the world’s only Life Choreographer™ she is extremely passionate about trusting in her own truth while guiding others to reveal their forgotten selves and re-choreograph their own lives. She loves creating magic for herself and others, meeting people exactly where they are and finding ways to for them to get back into perfect physical, mental and spiritual alignment through a wide variety of modalities. Because she unabashedly builds her dreams and lives her sparkle, she gives everyone in her presence permission and inspiration to do the same.

Today Lora will inspire us by showing us how to release self-judgment and step into our own true power and individual vibration through her Five Steps of FLAUNT process that she has developed! Believe it or not, she uses Burlesque as the means to change how you feel about yourself. Learn to reveal your true characters and build your dreams and live their sparkle, as only you can!

Here Are Some Of The Talking Points And Questions We Put To Lora:

  1. What is a Life Choreographer?
  2. Why do women especially, have troubles with self-judgment?
  3. What does self-judgment do to people?
  4. What are the benefits of releasing self-judgment?
  5. You help people learn to release self-judgment through the Five Steps of FLAUNT! What are those steps?
  6. Can you share with us how these steps work?
  7. So how does burlesque fit into these five steps?
  8. It sounds like you work with mostly women. Do these steps work equally well with women as well as with men?

We all face the demon of battling our inner critic and overcoming self judgement at some point. Victory over this life hurdle opens up a whole new world of self-love and personal confidence that will lead you to who knows where but I do know who you will become. I am Psychic you see. You will become the best you ever>

You can contact Lora Cheadle at lora[at] and read more about her on her website at

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how do you release self judgement

In this podcast, Release Self Judgement, You Are Amazing, you will learn:

  • What is self-judgment?
  • How to get over self-judgment?
  • Why does self-judgment happen to you?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Release Self Judgement, You Are Amazing, for an in-depth look at how grounding practices should be an intricate part of your life.

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