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March 29, 2022

Are Powerful Love Spells To Make Him Love You Forever Real? UYT324

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Spells To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Forever

As you search through the internet, you may find that you can purchase what are considered to be powerful love spells and even curses for those you are not fond of. The big question for most of you is, are these spells and curses real. Or is it more realistic to think that it’s all about creating your own reality and what you let affect you?

Are Powerful Love Spells To Make Him Love You Forever Real UYT324

Free Love Spells That Really Work In 1 Minute

You can find amazing things online. Anything from free love spells that really work in 1 minute to types of family curses that transfer from generation to generation. Some of these spells and curses or curse-breaking rituals are free, but many can charge as much as $10K-$15K.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? What one can believe when it comes to their life’s challenges and gifts. All cultures across the world have versions of these curses and spells, whether it is Europe or Africa, India, and even some Asian countries. There’s a history of curse curses and spells and a belief in curses and spells in the United States.

Many of these are harmful spells and curses. Many are based on Aboriginal beliefs. You can find examples in the Southern States, such as Louisiana, where Vodoo is actively followed. These beliefs originated with Haitian natives. The First Nations here in Canada have spells and curses that, at some point in history, flowed through their tribes. It boils down to a lot of different societies in the world that have beliefs in curses and spells.

Some of these cultures also have religions that tout powerful love spells and ancient curses and their individual ritual release. Some of those religions, like Santeria, combine some of the African religions with some of the European religions. Anyway, let’s talk about curses and spells and see what we think about it.

What Are Curses? spells to make someone fall in love with you forever

Some curses can be either deliberate or unintentional. They can be believed or discounted as entirely bogus. And either way, they can be pretty damaging. That idea, when you throw a pebble into a pond, ripples form. When you are voicing a curse or a spell, you are throwing a pebble into somebody’s energy field. You are sending particular energy into somebody’s energy field.

And you can throw out this energy because you have deliberately created a curse or a spell or because you have been triggered somehow. That energy will have an impact and create some kind of wobble within that person’s energy field. Unless they are one of the great masters, or maybe they’ve transcended that happening to them. You could consider a spell or curse as some kind of ritual designed around deliberately attempting to manipulate and control another person against their free will.

So it’s something directed at another person to trigger either, in the case of a love spell, some kind of positive, loving behavior directed towards the initiator. Or in the case of a curse cause harm, illness, or some other detriment to that person.

Are Powerful Love Spells And Curses Real?types of family curses

So it’s an attempt to manipulate and control and elicit some kind of impact on another person. Either through a spell, ritual, or curse. And an example of an unintentional curse would be taking something out on somebody else, right. So you’re all stirred up. And you know, projected that other person anger or shame or invalidation, worthlessness or hate, or some other negative vibration. So either way, whether it’s accidental or purposeful, you are sending negative energy frequencies and negative energy signatures into another person’s energy field.

And they can actually be very damaging. So the ultimate theme around all of this relates to taking responsibility for your energy. Whether you are the perpetrator, or even if you’re, in essence, the victim. So remember, for every action, there is an equal reaction. So what you put out, you will get back. And maybe you’ll get it back, magnified. So be careful what you put out. Because, everything that you put out, you are responsible for the specific energy of what you are doing.

You’re responsible for what you do with your energy, whether you did it deliberately or whether you did it because you’re in pain within yourself. Either way, you’re responsible for your own energy. So every action has an equal reaction. And so now the person on the receiving end of this negative energy could be aware or ignorant.

And they also have a choice. And they are also responsible for their own energy, and that choice could be to be a victim or heal. So if you’re ignorant of the fact that somebody is putting a curse or a spell on you, and you’re oblivious to the fact that they’ve done it, you probably won’t feel very well. And you won’t know why. Because you have some foreign energy in your space, which is not yours.

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You feel good when you have your own energy in your space and align with your own higher being. So if you’re feeling bad, you’re out of alignment with your own higher being. And that could go for the perpetrator, the person who’s sending the curse, or the negative energy to be at a point where they’re doing that, and they’re out of balance. So they’re out of alignment with their higher being, and they’re not feeling good in the process of doing that.

Side Effects Of Love Spells

And suppose you’re on the receiving end. In that case, you will not feel good because now there’s something that isn’t your vibration but is a hateful vibration within your energy field. It’s entirely possible for such a thing to actually make you ill if it goes on and on. It is no use denying that these things exist because they do. It is a matter of fundamental physics.

Now, if somebody becomes aware, there are things that they can do. But even if you know energy techniques and understand how to protect your energy, you can still be susceptible. For example, suppose somebody else is deliberately sending or inadvertently sending negative energy continuously. In that case, your energy is totally wrapped up in dealing with that foreign energy coming into your space. So all your energy is getting tied up, doing damage control, and your energy is being drained.

Using More Than Prayer To Break Family Cursesthings to help break ancient curses

Your energy is tied up instead of being able to use your energy to create the beautiful things that you want to create within your life. So really, it’s a kind of psychic attack. Prayer is a form of creating positive energy within you.

It was mentioned, and you understand that like attracts like. So this is the basis of manifestation, as mentioned in The Law Of Attraction. And another way of saying that is to talk about mirroring or matching energy. So why does it affect you when somebody sends you a negative energy signature like that? Why does it impact you? Why doesn’t it just go straight through you? And the answer is that for a curse, or some kind of energy that somebody is throwing at you to stick, there has to be a matching energy signature within your space drawing it in.

So let’s say you believe that you are a powerless victim and can be manipulated. And then someone wants to control you. So, because of the belief that you’re holding in being a powerless victim, controlling energy will be able to stick to you. Or if you believe that you are unworthy. And that person is sending you a vibration that you are worthless. So you’ve got a vibrational match within your system, and that energy will stick.

So controlling your own energy is one of two ways of dealing with curses and spells. One is to be completely non-resistant so that what flows to you will flow through you. Moving the energy out of your space. Do not put up resistance against what’s coming at you. This sometimes can be quite a difficult feat.

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Your Free Intuition Myth E-book

Recognizing The Inner Battle Of Attachment

It can be a little like an internal battle. First, you have to find what is attached to you. Then, you can converse with yourself, “Oh, I believe I’m unworthy. I have to clear the unworthiness. I have to clear out the foreign energy. And then I have to clear out the unworthiness. Because the unworthiness is like a docking station for that energy to attach to.” Remember, nobody can put a curse on you in any way unless there is matching energy in your space for it to stick to.

So you can play the victim’s part and say, “I’m under attack, and I’m suffering.” Or you can say, “well, this is not very pleasant, but at least it’s a healing opportunity. At least it’s showing me some aspects within myself that I can work on.”

Okay, so we’ve talked about curses, and we’ve talked about spells. And for the person who’s putting out the curse, or putting out the spell, are they coming from a place of empowerment, or are they coming from a place of disempowerment. And I would say that they are coming from a place of desperation and disempowerment because they only believe that they can create the reality they want by manipulating and controlling another person. So that’s the definition of absolute complete disempowerment and powerlessness.

That person doesn’t believe that they have the ability to create the life that they want for themselvesyou create your reality without manipulating somebody else. And that person does not realize that they have the power to create their own reality. So remember, we were saying like attracts like. What you put out is what you get back. So it’s the same thing. It’s the law of mirroring, right.

So what you are is what’s reflected back at you. What you put out is what you get back. So you put out negativity, you’ll get back negativity. If you put out hatred, you’ll get back hatred. You put out a psychic attack on somebody, and that will come back to you somehow. So why bother putting out all that negativity when actually all you need to do is realize that,

The Power Of Positive Vibration

Realize if you switch it around and start putting out some positive vibes, then what you will get is positive vibes in return. And so, if you want to create love, then be the vibration of love. If you want to create a loving, supportive relationship, be the vibration of a loving, supportive relationship. Because then what you are putting out will be returned to you.

Often, when people do a love spell, they have a particular person in mind. And that’s okay, on one on one level. The idea that you like somebody is fine. So long as you’re putting that idea out there without trying to manipulate or control that person in any other way. And respect the fact that they have their own free will. But even better is to put out the intention of wanting to create a loving and supportive relationship and allowing the universe to provide the very best match for you.

So being the vibration of all the things that you believe a loving relationship would be like and would make you feel and then see who shows up. So curses and spells.

I do get many people coming to me actually that say, Oh, I think I’ve got a curse on me, or I think I’ve got a spell on me. And we move the energy out of their system. But then, instead, I teach people how to own their space and how to be the powerful creator within their own personal universe.

For anyone who feels like they have to curse people or are the victim of being cursed, that is the answer. The answer is neither of them is feeling empowered. Neither of them is feeling in charge of their reality. Neither of them realizes that they are the creator god of their own universe, all-powerful within their own energy. So the solution is to learn how to own your own energy and create from within. Create within as opposed to how to attempt to create by manipulating out there.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Are Powerful Love Spells To Make Him Love You Forever Real, and learn how to create your reality.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Are Powerful Love Spells To Make Him Love You Forever Real:

  • Amanda – My partner has an ex who claims to be a black magic witch. Since they have separated and we got together, we have nothing but negative energy around us. She has been in the hospital for a week for vomiting. The doctors couldn’t find a reason. I feel like my partner is what it is sticking to. She is talking strangely. I can’t understand her. It’s as if she’s talking in tongues. Did I mention we were born on the same day, 12-16-82? She was born around 10 am, and I was close to 10 pm. I was told we knew each other in a past life.
  • Amanda – Is it possible for us to work on staying together? I’m willing to do the work, but I don’t know if she is.
  • Julie – No love in my life. We broke up. He never said he loved me. He just wanted sex. I blocked his number. I am not a sex toy, and I am sick with scleroderma lupus, but here in the shelter, I feel a lot of spirits passing through at night, but one is a very angry male. It feels like murder gang-related. He was not ready to die. I hate this gift someone times. It feels like a curse. Other times a blessing. Right now, it’s in the middle. I heard my dead dad calling my name last night; it was him loud and very clear it felt like a fatherly love checking on his daughter. I can talk to the birds, feel others’ joy and sadness, and feel drained around. So many people need time alone to recharge. It makes me feel sick and headaches too.
  • Lori – I have a family member who had serious mental health issues and wrote that she hopes Satan ruins my life on the back of my coffee table. Can you see if there is a spell from her? To add to that question, I had a series of negative things occur after that. My life went all astray. I burned the coffee table.
  • Davina – Is it possible for curses to be passed from family members? Say once a mother passes away, the curse would pass to the child? Or is that more likely an entity?
  • SG – I’d like to ask about my oral health. I have a few problem teeth and have heard it’s possible to heal through nutrition. I was wondering can I heal my teeth holistically, or is dentist and surgery best?
  • Lori – So, how does one release an entity in their space?
  • Sarah – I wonder about my current relationship and if I have been getting psychic attacks? I feel really depressed, and it does not feel like mine. What can I do when it feels this low vibration?
  • Jacqueline – Hello, I’m curious to know how many spirit guides/guardian angels I have helping me navigate through life. And what their top priority message is for me at this stage of my life to guide me to discovering my intended life purpose.
  • Lorraine – How do I stop another person’s essence from controlling my emotions?
  • SG – How do you own your own space? What does it mean when you say remove foreign energy and own your space?

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