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April 13, 2021

Why Is It So Hard To Change Anything On Your List Of Beliefs And Values? UYT286

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Why Belief Systems Should Be Important To You

Do you struggle with how hard it is to change anything on your list of beliefs and values? Another term for this is list is your belief system. Why are your belief systems and the ability to change them so important? Your beliefs and values form your experience of reality. Your beliefs, your thoughts, create your reality.

Why Is It So Hard To Change Anything On Your List Of Beliefs And Values?

How A Personal Belief System Affects Your Life

Your beliefs manifest what shows up in your life. You create these events, so if you’re interested in manifestation, if you’re interested in the law of abundance, understanding your beliefs and values is critical.

Why might you want to be able to change your beliefs in the first place? It breaks down to the fact that if you are getting an experience of life that is not what you prefer, you might want to look at what you believe.

What Is A Belief And How Is It Formed?you to have common belief systems

Beliefs and values, for the most part, are not created in your mind. They are not. Just as you learned to walk and talk from the people in your environment, your list of values and your list of beliefs are created from the same people. These are your parents, your teachers, your friends and peers, and worst of all, the media.

It follows that you are not getting what you believe in but what shows up in your life is what somebody else believes in, in most cases. Because your belief systems and values are created outside of yourself, they do not necessarily agree with who you are.

What Is The Importance Of Values And Beliefs?

Earlier, we touched on how belief systems and values create your reality. This thesis is essential to understand. What would happen if you had no beliefs. Suppose you had zero beliefs, not a single belief. When you thought about that question, the answer you came to was that you probably a mass of confusion.

Your beliefs underpin everything about you, but in a way, you have to have beliefs even to be here to navigate your experience of reality. What would it be like if you didn’t believe anything about anything? You have to believe you have a body to have a body. You have to believe there is a world to be in the world. You wouldn’t even exist; you wouldn’t even have a body. You wouldn’t have even had an experience of the world.

Your belief structure informs everything about you. It underpins your entire existence. This belief system is why it is essential to control what you believe in and the values you hold dear. And importantly, the origin of your beliefs.

When you are born into this world, you are this fresh bundle of joy. You are fresh from God. All that you know at this point is light and deliciousness. Then there are people around you. These people say things that come from their way of thinking and believing. They have a specific job which is to teach you about this world. people help build your list of personal values

Here you are; you don’t know anything. You don’t know how to speak or think. Depending on what caretakers you get, they will help program you with beliefs, and their goal is to keep you safe. What is occurring at this time is that your personal computer, your brain, is being programmed.

But what is contained in this programming? Quite often, it’s to keep you safe and help you navigate reality. You know. The basic, don’t touch the stove; it’s hot, you’ll hurt yourself. This learning, of course, is a belief. However, the opposite is true as well. If their types of beliefs are harmful, you still absorb them.

Think of the analogy of when you get a new computer, and you haven’t loaded any programs. Then you install a bunch of different programs into the operating system. This programming tells the computer what to do. It directs the computer in how to behave. When you come into this world, you get programmed in the same manner.

Belief System Examples

If your caregivers are very fearful people, they might teach you to be afraid of the world. If they are very careless people and ignore you so that you have some form of accident that hurts you, you might learn from that experience to be afraid of the world. You pick up your beliefs from the people around you. These people are key influencers. They are the ones that are important in your upbringing. But, they also lay down your beliefs through your life experience.

Life Purpose and Your Chakras

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You could say that if you have a very early experience that causes you to believe that the world is not a safe place, depending on that framework of beliefs that you lay down early on, you will be creating your experience of reality through those beliefs.

What Are Personal Beliefs And Can You Change Them?

The Law of Attraction determines how it works. Whatever energy signal you are transmitting, that is what is going to get reflected at you. If you believe the world isn’t safe, then the Universe will reflect that back at you. It confirms that belief the world isn’t safe, and you may meet some scary people in turn. Maybe you’ll have some frightening experiences along the way.

So the question is can you change that belief? The answer is yes, you can. And when you do successfully change that belief, what will be reflected at you will be different. It will no longer be that the world is a scary place. The issue is that most people don’t believe that they are in control of changing those beliefs. They believe that these beliefs are inert within them.

Changing A Belief Example From Your List Of Beliefs And Values 

How many of you believe it is difficult to change a belief or a value. One of the reasons it seems so hard to change your beliefs is because it’s proven to you over and over again that it’s true. Except it’s not true. It is just a reflection of you coming back at you. It is just a mirroring effect. You know you believe all men are angry. Then the Universe will allow you to attract an angry man into your life. But not all men are not angry. The keyword that has not come up yet is responsibility.

Many people believe that they are victims of fate and cannot change their fate. Untrue. All realities aredo you believe that you are a victim out there. However, only so many of these are probable outcomes. Then circumstances and your energy converge them into one, your current experience of reality. This concept is not hocus pocus. It is Quantum Physics.

Changing Any Of The Types Of Beliefs You May Made Simple

As an example of changing your belief structure, let’s look at a relationship. Many of you have a good loving relationship. It is strong. You are honest with this person, but you may only expose a percentage of your truth. You might tell them 80 or 85 percent of your truth.

You also may have a best friend. You trust them with your life just as you would trust your partner with your life. And you probably tell them 80 to 85 percent of who you are. Interestingly, there is probably around 10 percent or so that you don’t tell your partner and you would tell your friend. And there is probably about 10% that you wouldn’t tell your friend, but you would tell your partner. Then there’s a small percentage in there that you would tell a perfect stranger, but you wouldn’t disclose to either your partner or your Besty.

At this point, there’s nothing I could tell you about your partner or your friend that would change that belief of love and trust in them.

Listen carefully. It has been proven that your partner and your best friend just ran away together because they fell in love and are having a romantic relationship.

If you knew it was true, how long would it take you to change your belief system around them? How long would that change in your belief system, your trust, and feelings for both of these people last? Think about that for a moment.

This type of experience holds with everything in your life. You create a robust belief system about everything until a strong enough stimulus enters the picture. Can’t quit smoking until the doctor tells you that you have lung cancer?. In most cases, this is a powerful enough incentive.

To change your beliefs or values, all you need to do is examine your belief and find the incentive to change it.

Free Guided Meditation

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Another way to change your beliefs is using what you might call energy techniques through meditation—working with your internal framework of beliefs to have a practice that you would call de-energizing beliefs. You nullify them. You are neutralizing them and eliminating them from your system. This process is fundamental to spiritual development. Know thyself. Follow a process of really observing and witnessing yourself, witnessing what’s showing up in your life. Then asking the question, what must you believe for this to be showing up in your life. You can find the core beliefs.

Then you can ask the question of whether it is a supporting or a non-supporting belief.

If it’s a non-supporting belief, you can use energy techniques to neutralize it to dissolve it to de-energize it. This change takes work, and occasionally you need some guidance with someone like myself, a spiritual coach, or a mentor. Regardless of what shows up in your life, you do have the power to change it.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is It So Hard To Change Anything On Your List Of Beliefs And Values. We delve into the mysteries of how to change those problematic beliefs that linger in your life. Learn how to bring about change and move towards a better, more fulfilling life journey.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Is It So Hard To Change Anything On Your List Of Beliefs And Values:

  • In your quiz, I have scored to be 50% clairsentience and clairvoyance at 40%, but only 10% scholar; I have always wanted to know and experiment more. Therefore, I believed that my soul essence is of a scholar? Is it possible that with time and learning plus years of practicing being a psychotherapist, my tendencies have changed? Do you have any idea how to improve my abilities? Also, I wonder how to tap into crystalline energy for guidance? Thank you very much
  • I think it’s difficult to know HOW to change beliefs.
  • Releasing beliefs I’ve been programmed with is something I release down my grounding cord during meditation. Still, it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. How do I know if this is working?
  • Yes, I notice the change when I ground or clear with cosmic energy golden light.
  • How do you know if it’s your intuition guiding you or your controlling thoughts getting in the way?
  • Hi there, how do I clear my environment and ask that my energy is in my space? I am being bombarded by love ones and others that need help. But I am tired. Thank you so much
  • Hello! I am very new to UYT and many of these ideas. But I connect with so much of what you share about intuition. I am excited to continue exploring all of this; thank you.
  • Do beliefs enter the subconscious? Because it seems that many of our beliefs are not really true. And how does spirit interact with your beliefs?
  • Thank you for that, Corry! I have experienced chording but never knew there was a term for it.
  • Thank you very much for the cording imagery. Both of your answers are adept and helpful. I appreciate your help.
  • Is this where surrender plays a role? If it’s in our path, it’s meant to be. We might as well accept it.

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