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January 16, 2017

How To Manifest Love Or Anything You Desire – UYT048

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Would You Like To Learn How To Manifest Anything You Desire And Get What You Want From Life?

Whether it is learning how to manifest money or how to manifest love or any other form of abundance you desire it can be done. You can be your own Genie and grant yourself as manycreating your reality is easier than you think wishes as you would like. We have all heard of the Law of Attraction unless you have been living with spiritual blinders on. There are certain rules to the universe and life. One of the rules you must learn to understand is that the Universe wants to give you everything you truly desire. When you start receiving these gifts it is called creating abundance in your life. This abundance of life is available to us all.

To attract abundance, you must know how to manifest what you want. There are a few manifestation techniques and steps, actually very few, to do this.

One thing is certain. If you wait for the Universe (another term for God) to know and then to supply everything you want or need in life you will be waiting a long time. Becoming more active in acquiring your desires means exactly that. Become more active to stimulate the power of attraction! To initiate the power of attraction, we all have to connect with the giver of all things, the Universe. Here is the interesting thing about the Universe. It is in you, it is you. It is your true nature.

Thoughts Become Things

If you are looking for ways of how to manifest love your thoughts are important. This power of manifestation, realizing desires, creation is as simple as thinking it and then allowing the Universe to take over. One of the main issues, I find with my students, when it comes to the secret of attraction and the ability to manifest anything is that you need to be really clear of your desire and have no doubts. It is amazing what can happen. Remember, it is possible because you have the power of the Universe within you.

What Is The Law Of Attraction

The voyage of manifesting abundance begins with understanding how to use the Law of Attraction. The manifestation techniques you use are quite simple to understand. The basic concept is that consciousness creates reality. You could consider consciousness to be God or whatever you please. The thing is consciousness creates ALL.

The formula for The Law Of Attraction… E > T > A > R = Reality

  • E (emotions) become Thoughts
  • T (thoughts) become Actions
  • A (actions ) become Results
  • R (results) =Your Reality

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction And Learn How To Manifest Lovelearn the law of attraction steps to create your reality

Here are the basic Law Of Attraction steps for creating your reality:

Step 1…You must decide on what it is that you want to use the law of manifestation to attract into your life. Be very explicit and descriptive. Writing it down helps greatly. You can also create a vision board to solidify the vision as well. Use descriptors such as colors, size amount, etc. If you don’t know exactly what you want how do you think it can be created for you?

Step 2…Feel the positive emotion behind what you want. Really bring it into your heart. A casual desire will not work as well as an intense yearning. Negative emotion may result in something negative occurring.

Step 3…When you are thinking about your desire do so in the positive and present terms. “I can’t get a new car” or “I want a new car” should be “I have a brand new red, 2 door…”. It is like creating the source data for the hologram of the car you want to create.

Step 4…Release it to the Universe to allow it to become reality. Do not hang on to the responsibility of creation. It is on its way. If you hold onto it the Universe cannot help you. It respects your accepting the responsibility and steps back. You can keep the vision in your mind and even repeat the positive present tense affirmations. But let it go. Too many people hold on too tightly.how to apply the law of attraction

Step 5…Wait! This is the hard one. People are inherently impatient. Remember this is a very powerful process and needs time, in most cases, to occur for you.

Step 6…Be vigilant. Watch for the fulfillment of your desire. Remember that it may not be ‘exactly’ as ordered. Don’t be blind to the wonderful gifts coming your way. A great example is when you are looking for a blonde wonderful individual in your life to love. You meet all kinds of beautiful dark-haired individuals ‘but if only they were blond.’

Step 7…Be grateful. Live in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is the grease that speeds up your manifestations.
Understanding the Law Of Attraction and using it can change your life. Remember another very important principle as well. What you focus on grows. So if you are living in negativity it will create more negativity in your life. If you are looking for proof that our thoughts create reality try making breakfast without thinking about it. I am sure that you get what I mean.

In this podcast, How To Manifest Love Or Anything You Desire, you will learn:

  • Techniques of manifestation.
  • How to practice these techniques of attracting abundance and prosperity.
  • How to set a powerful intention.

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Manifest Love Or Anything You Desire we recap the exact steps of how to manifest your desires using the Law Of Attraction. We lay it all out clearly and simply. All you have to do is follow the spiritual manifestation secret of attracting it all.

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