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How To Dream Big And Make It Happen And Achieve Your Desires?

Would you like to know how to dream big and make it happen? Another name for this process would be manifestation. There are several ways of creating manifestations of your desires in your life.  Using your dreams and dream state is one of the systems that can accomplish this. Do you think it would be wonderful if there was a dream big book to show exactly how to do this. If you are ready to dare to dream big then our guest, Kathy Tuccaro, will really excite you.dream big and achieve it with kathy tuccaro

She is visiting with us tonight to share story of how dreaming big can change your life. Kathy now motivates scads of individuals to make changes to their own lives and get on the path to positivity and success. She is fervent about personal growth. One thing she truly believes is that anyone and everyone can alter their circumstances and overcome their challenges if they just put their mind to it. Kathy focuses her energies on encouraging and motivating others by using her own amazing experiences to stimulate those that may also want to change their circumstances.

Kathy started off as a Nurse working on various Surgical/Medical/Geriatrics units for 13 years. Now after making a radical change in her life, she has chosen to follow another path by becoming a certified Occupational Health & Safety Officer as well as working full time as a Heavy Equipment Operator. She drives a 385+ metric tonne 797F Caterpillar Truck as well as a 208,000 L water truck up in the Northern Alberta Oil Sands. Kathy has never believed in anything other than dreaming bigger than the average person. She has easily proven this by literally driving “THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD!”

If you ask Kathy “is it better to dream big or be realistic” I am certain of the answer you will receive.

Kathy will be discussing how dreams can show you the way to guiding your steps in your life. Her dreams have always revealed to her exactly what she needed to do when facing any looming troubles coming towards her. She believes that if you pay attention closely, you can learn to interpret your dreams as well and gain better clarity in your life.

Some Of The Questions We Ask Kathy:how to dream big and make it happen

  • Tell me a bit about when you started dreaming that and how it impacted you the most?
  • Most people believe that dreams are just that….dreams and not real. Why do you think that your dreams relate to your direct life?
  • You wrote a book that has been just released on Amazon called “Dream Big!” and there is a whole chapter that is dedicated to dreams. Can you tell us why?
  • What is your most powerful dream that you have had and how did it impact your life in a positive way?
  • Why do you believe that dreams are a portal to another world?
  • Is Soul Travel a dream? Or are you really leaving your body?
  • Tell us why you believe that writing down your dreams is so very important?
  • What other worlds have you visited while in the dream state? Have you visited the dark worlds as well as the ones with Light?
  • How does meditation/contemplation relate to bringing you into the dream state?
  • What mantra do you use to contemplate and bring you into the other worlds? How does this help you in your daily life?

Kathy is not just a truck driver but she is also motivational speaker and Author. She has written a wonderful book Dream Big! It is the story of how one woman’s determination to overcome her fears and insecurities pushed her to heights she never knew existed!  Experience the incredible transformation as she learned to believe in herself again and recognize the burning flame of potential that lay dormant inside her for so many years! It has just been released and is now available everywhere!!! She has learned How To Dream Big And Make It Happen.

You can contact Kathy on her website at and you will find an

8 minute book trailer youtube video (type her name and it will come up) online. The book can be purchased at

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Dream Big And Make It Happen? If there is anything in your life that you want to change this interview may help you to dream big and achieve it.

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