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How To Build Self Confidence Is An Essential Ability In Your Life!

Everyone should know how to build self confidence? Let me ask you, is your self-esteem based on external factors? If so life can be a real uphill struggle. There are so many how do you develop confidencepeople and experiences that you run into in your life that can do just the opposite of building you up. When you are dependent on others for self-worth then your life will ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean. The problem is when there is little or no external validation self-esteem that sense of worthlessness will creep in and anything from depression to a complete mental and emotional breakdown can occur. Self-confidence and self-belief are both factors of you realizing your worth.

Without these personal senses of “self” your life’s foundation starts to crumble and the walls may eventually come tumbling down. By this I mean you challenge your own decisions and end up making the wrong ones or none at all. Friends and family tend to become more distant because, let’s face it, you have become no fun to be around. Even your career can suffer drastically especially if deal with people and who doesn’t. Negativity is contagious.

So why do we feel that senses of worth and beauty in other peoples’ opinions is so important? Measuring self-worth is important but only by our personal ruler.

Why do we try so hard in the things we do or getting people to like us. One of the main reasons we put so much effort into the things we do is we are looking for approval. We NEED to receive approval from our friends, piers, partners, parents and just about anyone else in our lives. The one person we overlook in this search however is very close to us. This individual has immense influence over us as well. Actually has all the influence. This person is you. All the accomplishments in the world are useless unless you can feel worth within yourself.

So what do you do to help create a personal sense of worth? There are free affirmations for self-esteem and to help develop confidence on the internet. These can help.

how to build self confidenceIn this podcast you will learn:-

On this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Build Self Confidence, our guest host, Corry Kouwenberg, talks about worthiness, abandonment as well as different personal healing techniques to get over these emotions, and leads you through a guided healing meditation on live on air.


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