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how does culture influence behavior

How Can Ancestors Affect Your Life?

So how does culture influence behavior in your life? You may never have thought about it but it definitely does. The relationship between culture and personality are easily linked. Your belief systems about almost everything have been established by your friends, family, and piers as well as ancestors. As a society and an individual, we can trace our beliefs and behavior patterns back through the generations of our ancestors over thousands of years. Just think about the cultural influences on food, art, sports and of course the big one, religion and how and what you believe about these. Were these your original thoughts that produced them or were they initiated, basically embedded as we do in a computer?

Have You Been Programmed?

These cultural influences on behavior, personality, and beliefs are so subtle and so that we do not realize that we have you had cultural influences program your lifehave been programmed until it is almost too late. If you really think about how cultural influences psychology it can be interesting.

How Does Culture Influence Behavior?

The cultural influences on child development are very evident. They are molded to the ideology of their forbearers, us. Then they grow and become us. Or they go 180 degrees opposite rebelling against their heritage.

However, these cultural behaviors can be changed if you would like to. However, I enjoy some of the things that I do, eat, say and believe. I am grateful because they make up who I am. Culture and personality go hand in hand. We take on beliefs from our parents, grandparents and the people around us and they do from us as well.

I will go even one step further. The vast majority of you have lived past lives. The interesting thing about having lived prior is that they can also mold who you are today. Many of the traits, talents, and desires have traveled with you through time. You can understand these more if you have a past life regression. In life, nothing ever is cut in stone. You can and do change.

We are doing this episode of Unlocking Your Truth about ancestors and culture for a specific reason. We recorded this show in the Netherlands, the ancestral homeland of Corry (our show producer). Take a journey with us and explore his roots into the Dutch culture.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Relationship between past lives and ancestry.
  • Importance of ancestry on beliefs and behavior.
  • Changes in different cultural influences over time.

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