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October 12, 2021

Is The Good And Evil Philosophy Still Valid And Relevant Today? UYT310

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Good And Evil In Our Society

Has our new modern social structure and mores changed the good and evil philosophy so entrenched in the past? Or are these philosophies still valid today? When you look back in history, there has been such a spiritual and an actual physical battle going on between these two sides if you want to call them that.

Is The Good And Evil Philosophy Still Valid Today?

Where Does Evil Come From?

If you look at society as a whole over the past 100 years, it is evident how radically it’s changed as far as generally accepted moral and ethical concepts of what is right and what is wrong; what is good and what is evil. It makes you wonder how the good and evil philosophy holds for you today or if there is any at all. Are there any pertinent issues there? Does sin exist? Can one actually do evil?

Does the idea of the evil and the good Angels sitting on your shoulders whispering in your ear, battling for your soul still hold validity in your life or society itself? This battle revolves around the concept of sin and judgment. If you delve deep enough into the original translation in the Christian Bible, the original meaning of sin was actually just an individual being out of alignment. It wasn’t this bad, evil, wicked thing that you had done. It was merely whether or not you were living in alignment with your spiritual nature, or are you out of alignment.

Are You In Alignment With Your Higher Being?

This idea of sin may be whether you are out of alignment can be very spiritually freeing. Because if you are in alignment, then you are going to feel good. You’re going to feel in the right place at the right time, everything’s going to feel right.

If you’re out of alignment, then something’s going to feel off. Sin does not exist. The only absolution you need for what can be called sin is to get back in alignment. Make a course correction, make an adjustment.

Good Vs Evil- The Spiritual Perspective Versus A Human Perspective

When you begin to delve deeper into your spiritual path you may begin to run into roadblocks. stumbling points that you have trouble getting past. This is when many of you will find someone to help you discern what is truly happening in your life. Help you with those tough situations you may find yourself embroiled in. As a spiritual mentor, working with people that are experiencing these difficult growth issues, this spiritual alignment is reflected upon quite often. Examining whether or not someone is in alignment with their higher self.

Often one of the reasons you may have spiritual growth issues pertaining to the concepts of being good or evil stems from religious beliefs. If you truly study religions and their belief systems you may find them to be quite controlling not to mention very judgemental. One might even say that they were created as a means of controlling people. They profess to have the authority of being able to judge, to pass judgments on you, and decree how you should make adjustments in your lives to adhere to dogma, or else you may suffer eternal damnation.

Beyond Good And Evil Explained

Looking deeper and beyond good and evil concepts as being a God thing may clarify the concept itself. Where did ethics and morals come from? Do they come from Spirit? Or do they come from human minds? The answer is human minds. Okay, so ethics, are very human ideas of right and wrong.where did ethics and morals come from

The concept of judgment itself is very human. These are things that humanity has done to itself. We have learned to pass judgment on each other, to decide what’s right and wrong, what’s good and evil. Whereas from a spiritual perspective, there are no ethics. There simply is and all experiences are valid and all experiences can be used to expand consciousness.

As humans you have ethics, but as spirit, you don’t have ethics. There are no ethics, no judgment, just learning.

Damnation Or Salvation?

Well, this deeper look into this good and evil philosophy begs a related question. What are heaven and hell? Are they real? Or is heaven and hell self-created realities?

And so you can create hell on earth for yourself. Or you can create heaven on earth for yourself, in terms of the living of your life, and how it feels to you. Whether it feels like you are in alignment, having a positive life. Or whether it feels like you are out of alignment, living a negative life.

And depending on what you believe, if you believe that you are evil, mad, and wicked, and have done terrible, dreadful things that is the reality of your life. And if you believe in the afterlife, and that you will be banished to hell, well, you will get the experience of that reality when you pass away. But not because that is a fundamental truth of the universe. But because that is a projection of your own consciousness.

If you believe that you have been good. And because of these actions that you are going to live out eternity on puffy pink clouds with angels in pink fluffy dresses, then that is what you will get as a temporary projection of your own consciousness. So again you create your reality.

You know, the question that you pose, it is almost like a debate isn’t it, good vs evil? The good and evil philosophy is relevant to your own personal reality in modern times. Another perspective is to say, it depends on the person and if you believe in good and evil, then it’s relevant to you.

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The Good And Evil Philosophy Has Changed

Our culture, our society, our concepts of life itself have changed. Just 50 years ago, people were very conservative very concerned about whether they were going up or whether they were going down; heaven or hell. Now people are more concerned about where they are going, not in the up and down, but what is the afterlife like all about.

Yet there still is a query you can ask yourself. But what is it? What is it going to be like, after this life? There is more of an awareness that is happening in societies, about the next step. You meet more and more people that just believe that there is something after your life, but it’s different. And more and more people believe, believe in reincarnation, than 50 years ago. Back then in our western civilization, you probably wouldn’t run into anybody who really believed in the concept of reincarnation.how does the concept of reincarnation affect good and evil philosophy

There has been an expansion in consciousness. Yet if you traveled around the world, you would find quite a few pockets of people who still believed in their religion and the concepts of good and evil, heaven and hell.

Ideologies have changed. You each have your own versions of the evil forces. Some may be more like politicians, or magnates in charge of global multinational companies, even Facebook or Google. These are not the Devil but may seem to be a modern version of that concept. It’s not the devil, but it’s a version of the devil. It’s those evil ones that seek to control and manipulate you to do their bidding. So there is a version of it in the collective consciousness.

It’s definitely not a philosophy that you should subscribe to. You would be better off as more neutral, really, rather than judgmental. And as you think so you are. When you do things that are out of alignment you become more unaligned. The truth is that you can learn from them.

Moving into and out of an aligned state are human tendencies. You can correct and reset yourselves accordingly and enter back to an inner alignment state. When you meditate it will help you reset your alignment. It helps you discover who you really are and to get in touch with your higher self.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth Is The Good And Evil Philosophy Still Valid And Relevant Today as we explore the concept of good versus evil as ideology.”

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Is The Good And Evil Philosophy Still Valid And Relevant Today:

  • Dr. Lesley, I’m kind of curious as to what you mentioned a few weeks ago, about Hitler not being allowed to incarnate again for some time due to I believe the evil acts he committed. So I thought we pre-planned our lives, to what we would experience and I thought some of these events were meant as experiences to evolve humanity, showing us where we need to grow? So what happened with Hitler, did he just go off on his own, deviate from his path, and cause a lot of unnecessary suffering, I’d like your take on that, please?
  • Yes, I believe the original meaning of sin was to go against yourself.
  • I’ve heard that’s why there are many ghosts, that they stay behind because they are afraid of that afterlife judgment and where they may be sent, so they refuse to see or move into the light?
  • Hello! I have an off-topic question. I’ve dealt with womb issues as a woman for a long time. Can I get a quick body scan to know what is wrong? I thought it came from my gut issues but I don’t know.
  • There seems to be a good/evil dichotomy between Covid vaccinated folks and those who are unvaccinated. Some say this divide and conquer is going to get worse. Do you see that happening, Lesley?
  • Yes, people seem to use the circumstance of their lives as some sort of barometer as to whether they are good or evil, or doing enough good in their lives.
  • How can I own my body?
  • I believe it was Neale Donald Walsh who said “ a candle cannot know its own light without the darkness.”

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