Finally uncover the 7 blocks preventing you from unlocking your intuition

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What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Discover the 7 Most Common Intuition Blocks

Learn what is preventing you from developing and using your psychic senses.

Take 7 Steps to Overcome Your Intuition Blocks

Discover solutions to clear your intuition blocks, and access your higher guidance.

Path to Realize Your Life Purpose

Understand what you must do to transcend your intuition challenges, and be true to your purpose.

Presented by Dr. Lesley Phillips

Founder, School of Intuition

Lesley Phillips Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher, focused on helping people access their personal intuitive guidance. She believes our psychic senses are our most natural form of communication and that as we evolve into an awakened species we will reclaim these abilities and use them as naturally as we use our physical senses. She wants to help you validate your unique purpose and remind you of the amazing potential of your intuitive abilities. She has created numerous on-line courses and workshops, has written books on meditation and psychic development to with the goal of helping people master their gifts.