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January 3, 2023

Did You Know Your Thoughts Create Your Reality UYT359

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Manifesting Physical Healing Or Anything Else

Do you know your thoughts create your reality? Entering a New Year or any other time, understanding the power of manifestation techniques is really useful. Whether you have a personal issue, a crisis in your life, or something to do with your health, finances, career, relationships, life purpose, or so on, you have the ability to change it.

How To Manifest Your Desires

Setting intentions and manifestation are quite popular topics as we come to the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. When it comes to this time of year, many of you like to spend some timelearn to manifest your desires reviewing the year that’s just gone by and planning ahead for the year stretching out in front of you.

One of the first concepts with manifestation is it’s always a good idea to let go of the old to allow the energy of the new to flow to you. Otherwise, it’s like the analogy of your clothes closet or wardrobe. If you keep buying new outfits and putting them in your closet, pretty soon, it will be so jam-packed full of stuff you won’t see what you have. So it’s important to repurpose the old as you bring in the new. Manifesting is a bit like that, too.

It’s good to look at your life and review what you created. What new things did you create in 2022, and what things are in your life that you have outgrown? Things and behaviors that are no longer working for you or suit you. And focus on releasing and letting go of those things. Some people do a letting go ceremony on New Year’s Eve.

So, for example, you write down all the things you want to let go of on a piece of paper, then put them in the fire and burn them. This symbolizes you are releasing the energy tied up in the thing you want to let go of. The result is that you now have that energy available for new things.

A Most Effective Manifestation Technique

Most of you understand that the Universe does not see our negative thoughts. Therefore, prayers and requests should always be in a positive format. For example, “I do not want to be broke” translates to “I do want to be broke.” The best thing is to state it as if your desire has already occurred, such as “I am financially well off.”the power of words in creating your reality

And by the way, that thing about, you know, old and new, the Buddhists have a lovely thing about water. You can’t fill up a glass if it’s full. It must be empty. So empty your glass. Be an empty vessel for what you would like. But be careful. For instance, if you want another baby, you do not have to throw the old baby out. You certainly don’t. That is not recommended.

Letting go of the old when called for is excellent. It can be an essential part of manifestation. Creating the new is part of this process. But you can’t just have a creation on its own. Since we live in a duality here, in this reality, you also have the opposite side, which is destruction. Everything on this planet has an opposite action or reaction. So it is essential to understand what you are trying to achieve.

How To Write A Manifestation Listyour thoughts create your reality

So the opposite of creating something is destroying something, and your thoughts create your reality. So it would be best if you were careful what you ask for. As you are looking forward and thinking about what new things you want in your life in the coming year, a good thing to do is learn how to write a manifestation list. Know what you want.

So how do you energetically go about creating that? Consider sitting and meditating and coming up with a list of things you want to create. And then what? Well, you must believe that you can attract whatever this thing is that you want to create. Being able to believe in it is really important. If you don’t believe you can create or have this thing, you will have problems forming this new reality.

For example, you are single and want to attract a relationship. However, suppose you hold all sorts of beliefs that say that can’t happen to you. In that case, you are not worthy, you always attract the wrong type of people, or your relationships never last. Suppose you have a whole bundle of negative beliefs around relationships. In that case, those beliefs will affect your ability to manifest the relationship.

How To Manifest Quickly

And also, if you do manifest a relationship, what type of relationship do you attract? And so it’s a good idea. When contemplating what you want to create, examine your feelings and beliefs around it. Is this desire something you genuinely believe you can have or is there a bundle of doubts and disbeliefs lying around somewhere? Because if there is, it will definitely affect the speed at which you manifest your desire.

So what do you do if you harbor beliefs that go against what you want to create? The most straightforward answer to that can change your beliefs. And there are many different techniques in the world to help you change your beliefs. This is where the idea that your thoughts create your reality comes into play. However, controlling your thoughts may sound more manageable than the practice itself.

Yet both positive and negative thoughts have energy. And you can control energy. One of the best techniques to help you to do that is called grounding. The concept behind grounding is that if you don’t let go of those beliefs, they’re in your energy field. They’re helping set your energy frequency, and you attract basically the energy frequencies that you are putting out. So the number one most powerful manifestation technique is to learn to ground negative energy. And the best way to ground is through following a grounding meditation practice. Below you will find a link to a special guided meditation specifically for grounding.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Key To Instant Manifestation Tip Number Two

One of the things you may do when you want to manifest or create something is you tend to display the need to control the process. You feel like you need to have your hands on the steering wheel and your fingers on the controls. You want to ensure that you are in charge of birthing this into the world. The problem is, when you do that, what you are actually doing is creating limits.

These constraints are created because, from your perspective, you can only see, in a minimal way, how this thing that you want is going to come about. If you can completely surrender to the universe, you are opening yourself to infinite possibilities. Infinite ways for the universe to configure what you are asking for and deliver it back to you. You can create abundance.

Let’s use the relationship example again. You want a relationship. You may be totally fixated on your ex and getting your ex back. But you really want something else. If you were really to examine it, you desire the feelings that a relationship will bring you. And there are so many other options besides your ex that if you were open to receiving them, you might actually be much happier. So don’t control your creation and your creativity.

How Manifestation Works Tip Number Three

Tip number three is a good one, and it is all about you. It is to be able and open to recognizing when intention manifests itself in your life. Because, in many cases, you have preconceived ideas of what it looks like, they will look exactly like my ex, or it will be my ex. And then a really great match might come along, and you will miss it. They will pass you by because you won’t recognize your creation when ityou can manifest your desires presents itself.

And a story that goes so well with this tip number three is about a man experiencing a flood in his neighborhood. And he’s sitting on the roof of his house because the water level has risen to this point.

And he’s praying to God, “Oh, God, please come and save me from dying in this flood.”

And one of his neighbors comes past in a rowboat. So he says, “Hey, John, jump in the boat and come along with us.” And he says, “No. I have prayed to God, and God will save me.”

So off goes, the neighbor. And you know, the next minute, a rescue helicopter comes by. So, they try to get him to climb up into the chopper.

And John states, “no, I have prayed to God, and God will come and save me.”

The waters continue to rise, and John drowns. Finally, John rises to the pearly gates, where he meets God. John verbalizes his disappointment to God. “I prayed and had faith that you would save me and I drowned. What happened?”

God replies, I sent a rowboat with your neighbors. I sent a rescue helicopter. What else could I do?

The basic idea is his prayer is being answered, and his desire is being fulfilled. The Universe provides all these different ways to get him out of his situation. He can’t see it because he has a preconceived idea of what being rescued by God looks like. So be open to all the possibilities that the Universe might lay at your feet. It might look different from what you expect it to. Please don’t close the doors on your creation before you’ve had the chance to experience it.

Ancient Powerful Manifestation Technique Tip Four

And, of course, the next tip is straightforward in concept. Yet sometimes tricky in practice. So, tip number four, allow yourself to receive it. Some of you, believe it or not, are fantastic manifesters. You are brilliant at it. You have no problem creating whatever you want. But then you get hung up with allowing yourself to receive. You have preset limits on how much you can receive.

You might be the type of person who can manifest money, but it flows through your fingers fast. Faster than it comes in kind of thing and for frivolous things that give you no enjoyment. You know, for various other reasons or blocks, you are not allowing yourself to receive it. That’s one level.

But the true purpose of manifestation is that level that allows you to allow yourself actually to have it and enjoy it.

Okay, so there is the person that creates the money and then spends it immediately. They do not allow themselves to have it. But then some people don’t allow themselves to receive it in the first place. Somebody tries to give them what they’ve asked for, and “no, thank you” is their response. So number four is to allow yourself to receive your creation and have it.

Law Of Attraction Manifestation Techniques

The next tip is about the energy of manifestation. Everything has its specific energy, and that energy hasmanifesting abundance and changing reality with thoughts its specific frequency, and like energy attracts like. So if you want to attract something, be the frequency of that which you wish to attract.

Your thoughts create your reality is a very common phrase regarding the Law Of Attraction. You create your reality through your thoughts, beliefs, and the energetic frequencies that you are holding in your space. So, you hold a lot of doubt, disbelief, and unworthiness. In that case, they will affect your ability to manifest what you want proportionally.

Whereas, and we’ll use the relationship example, again, if you want to manifest a relationship, think about everything you hope that relationship will bring to you. Experience the frequency of joy and love. Then be at those frequencies in the present, as though you already have received what you are asking for. Because you attract that which you are. So if you want love, be love, you know. If you want joy, be joy. But if you are in pain and want love, you will get pain. If you have fear and you want joy, you will get fear. So be the frequency of that, which you would like to attract.

Another way to say that is to be the person you want to attract. As an example, let’s look at a sports metaphor. If you really enjoy hockey. And if you are looking for somebody in your life, who has the same interests, what would you do? Do you go to a football game to find them? Emphatically no. No, you go to a hockey game. You put out that energy rooting for your favorite team and being that person. That’s where you are going to find people of like minds.

And that’s a good analogy. Because sometimes you will do things to attract a relationship. Things that aren’t authentically who you are. Then the relationship is based on a lie. And that does not work. These are some of the ideas and manifestation techniques you can learn in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Did You Know Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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