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April 23, 2018

Will AI Take Over The World Or Are We Safe?

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Will We Be Able To Unplug The Beast Before It Is Too Late?

Have you read the news lately or turned on the radio? AI is all over the media. Artificial Intelligence that is! Will AI take over the world??? Artificial intelligence that is. The main headliner in this issue is Elon Musk who is taking the side of a doomsayer or is he? He feels the real risks of artificial intelligence could outweigh the benefits. He has stated that Artificial Intelligence may, sooner or later, become the “Terminator” of the human race. That is when it eventually exceeds human intelligence, in most aspects; it will have a directive that is basically self-interested. Some individuals have the same opinion as Elon, it may even set in motion the extinction of mankind.

will ai take over the world

Can this possible what happened to Atlantis? Maybe that is how humankind ended up here on Earth, transplanted from another world. I have given past life readings to people who have been from these places and they have been very interested in how our world is progressing today.

Actually, this is not Elon Musk’s opinion at all, from my understanding that is. He states that that is not even possible and never will be.

I agree with him. A computer is only as independent as far as it is programmed by an individual or combinations of individuals. It does not think in the same ways as we do. One thing is certain. It has limitations. It does not have the connection we have to the universal energy which we are all a part of. This energy controls and creates all that exists. You are part of this creation. The risks of artificial intelligence “ruling” the world does not exist. Despite all the sci-fi movies we have watched we can still pull the plug.

Will AI Take Over The World Or Will Win?

Recursive Self-Improvement May Be Dangerous?

Apparently, the issue is that of AI Recursive Self-Improvement. This is when a computer will rewrite its own code. This may become possible in essence or reality in the future. However, the fact that a computer can do this is not the fear of Elon. He worries that the initial coding that is programmed into the computer will be done so by someone with ill will such as some of the hackers out there today. People who are not concerned with the good of all but would rather see pain created.

Again when considering the question, can artificial intelligence benefit humans, both sides of that coin can be argued. One thing that cannot be can artificial intelligence benefit humansargued however is that the computer, no matter how intelligent or independent in nature, cannot have spirit. It cannot use intuition. It needs to work on logic.

I do believe the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life can be positive in nature. This again depends on how it is developed and by whom it is programmed. Everything has a dual nature on this plane of reality. The issue of course is we do not know what we do not know and the only option is waiting to witness the actual impact of artificial intelligence on society as far as the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

We must always be aware that we do create our reality and that AI is now a part of the reality we have created. We are still in control. We can erase it from our reality if we so desire but we must unite spiritually together.

However, it will be interesting to see how artificial intelligence will change the future! I would be interested in hearing your opinion or if you have had past lives on another planet or in Atlantis. As for will AI take over the world? Let’s meditate on it!

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